Beauty Review: MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold

I’ve recently been exploring the world of K-Beauty and their skin beauty regimes after coming across a K Beauty store called Maggies in Hamilton. K beauty is Korean Skincare and it places a strong importance in preparing and nourishing the skin. This includes using a  variety of products including oil cleansers, foam cleansers, essences, sheet masks.

One of the products I purchased ( there has been a few ) is MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patches in Gold. These promise: brightening, moisturizing and lifting. What 35 year old mother wouldn’t love that! The packaging is in Korean but lists the active ingredients as :Rose Water, Colloidal Gold, Purified Water, Pearl Powder,Collagen, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Algae Extract and Camelia Leaf Extract.

 Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

It comes in a gold plastic pot and when I opened it I was pleased to see an extra removable seal and spatula inside. This is great to lift your eye patches out and stop the spread of bacteria in the pot. I was thrilled to see that it contains 60 patches! The patches are gold, have a shimmer to them and there is a lot of extra product in the pot. Perfect for using on other parts of your face! At $30 a pot it is great value for money.

The patches are lightly floral scented. I like the scent but some may not.

Beauty Review: Miskin Diaforce Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

What do I think?

I have been using these patches for 2 weeks, twice a week  ( Weds and Sun) so have given them a fair trail. The patches are easy to pop on just be prepared for a little sliding if there is too much product on them. I wiped the excess off ( popped them on my fine lines) and re-positioned under the eye. I find the patches have a nice cooling effect and after 30 minutes my under eye area feels hydrated and my fine lines have lessened. If you place some of the excess product on the patch you can also use them your lines between your brows and on the corners of your mouth.

Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold
Hey there, bright eyes!

Great value for money, love the results and will definitely purchase again. Store them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

I would love to know what K-Beauty products your have tried!

Look out for my next K-Beauty Review next Thursday.




LUSH Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask Review

Lush Rosy Cheeks Review

Hands up if the Summer heat is sucking the moisture out of your skin? I’m certainly noticing that with the heat and a mid 30’s hormone surge ( more on that later ) that my skins pores are gasping for moisture at the moment.

I wandered into LUSH  during late night shopping , was approached by a helpful Lushette ( is that a term? I quiet like it ) and I quickly told her I was seeking a moisturizing face mask that wouldn’t agitate my hormonal and sensitive skin ( I sound like I have a angsty teen on my hands ). Lushette proceeded to demonstrate the benefits of Rosy Cheeks face mask on my hand and Catastrope Cosmetic, generously layering them on, explaining their benefits and washing them off to revel the results. I must admit I liked the smoothing effect of Rosy Cheeks and was already taken at the thought of the rosy scent. I was also excited about the masks being made fresh.

A++ to Lush Hamilton for excellent customer service.

Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

The Mask.

Rosy Cheeks comes in a handy 60g pot, retails for $16.50 and you are advised to keep it in the fridge due to the nature of the ingredients. An additional benefit is your mask is chilled and it is a welcome reprieve on a hot summers evening. Described as a soothing mask that calms redness in your skin and balances it out.


List of ingredients


The mask is quiet thick and a little hard to spread. I warm it up between my fingers to make it more malleable. The mask dries quiet firm and releases a light rose scent, you will need to have a firm wash to remove the mask. I have some pronounced pores and find it settles into them as its drying. The final result is smooth skin and my pores are a little more settled. I do follow with a night cream for added moisture.

Would I purchase again?

Yes, I have been using Rosy Cheeks on a weekly basis and have not had any reactions, its particularly soothing after a day in the garden or the outside.

Additional Bonus

LUSH runs a 5 pot recycling scheme. Bring in 5 pots and receive on fresh mask free!


Beauty Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Gosh, its been an age since I’ve done a beauty review so I thought I would jump back on the horse and share the most recent products I have been using. Last time I was down in Wellington it was hot, dry and windy and I was in a fix as I hadn’t packed a body moisturizer. I ran into The Warehouse to grab a hat and some moisturizer and Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion caught my eye at the very decent price of $8.99.

Not only was it a great price point but it is:

Paraben ( preservative ), Phythalate (Industrial chemical plasticizer) , Mineral Oil (petroleum)  , Gluten, Sulfate ( sulfur-containing mineral salts) and Dye FREE – Translated, it contains no nasty chemicals which is great for my sensitive prone skin. Palmers Coconut Oil Body lotion is also uses ethically sustainably sourced coconut oil and Tahitian monoi oil. Not tested on animals

Scent: On initial sniff the coconut smell is quiet strong but fortunately fades when spread onto the skin

Consistency: Thick but not  sticky, spreads well.

Packaging: Easy Squeeze bottle


Overall: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion applied once in the morning ( before work ) keeps my legs smooth and hydrated during the day with no reactions. The smell is typical of coconut and quite strong but as it adsorbs into the skin it fades a little, leaving you with a summery coconut smell. Would I purchase again? Yes I would.

Have you tried Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion? What did you think?


Besame Decades of Fragrance

“Lizbeths gloved hand brushed over the vanity seeking out the red and gold case hidden among the talc’s, rogues and brushes. Easing the lid of she caressed each golden vial, pausing to twist, sniff and ponder on what her evening would hold? The Cotton Club, jazz and seduction? Head tilted, toe tapping Lizbeth pursed her lips before selecting and concealing one golden vial in the pocket of her purse…..1930’s”.

Image by Miss T Pinups
Image by Miss T Pinups

I’m a long time customer of Besame and their quality cosmetics so when I heard they had released fragrance  range ” Decades of Fragrance” I was intrigued. Further research indicated I couldn’t get it in NZ , selling out frequently so I waited patiently in hopes someone would stock it! I was thrilled when 19Black announced they would be getting a small shipment in so I promptly put one on hold.

The fragrances ( yes there are 6! ) come encased in the signature red and gold colours of Besame Cosmetics. Each gold vial contains a roll on perfume stamped with a corresponding era ranging from the 1910’s-1960’s in red. I’m really impressed with the quality of the vials, initially I thought they were plastic but they are a glass and have a lovely gloss and weight to them.

Besame Decades of Fragrance

Besame spent 6 years developing their fragrance range and each vial contains its own distinctive scent. My top two picks are 1930’s and 1940’s. I found the 50’s and 60’s become more flowery in scent , the 1910s and 20’s are more woody in undertones.

1930’s characteristics are: 

Marlene Dietrich, cigarette and seduction, 1930s Oriental

Top notes: mandarin, cinnamon, clarysage

Heart notes: tobacco, heliotrope, lavender

Base notes: vanilla, cedar wood, musks

1940’s Characteristics are:

After prohibition, NYC jazz club, 1940s Aromatic, Floral, Ambery

Top notes: bergamot, cognac, davana

Heart notes: rose, clove, labdanum

Base notes: sandal wood, amber, benzoin

Something about 1940’s gives me a tingle and brings me back to my childhood, I have yet to put my finger on it but I find myself drawn to it so it is currently my obvious favourite.

The scents are lovely and mild for everyday wear, you will need to top it up after 2/3 hours as it fades. The vials are perfect to popping in your clutch for work or an evening out.

19Black have some Decades of Fragrance’s available on their site here.



Product Review: Lindy Charm School Lipstick

Lindy Charm School Show

I was very lucky to have the chance to model for Chrissy of Australia’s Lindy Charm School for Girls when she came to the NZ Craft and Quilt Show. Having been a long time fan of Chrissy’s work and knowledge that I jumped at the chance to meet her ,pick up some great styling tips and of course some of her products including her Essential Setting Lotion – more on that in another post.

Lindy charm school Russian Red Lipstick

Lindy Charm School Lipstick in Classic 1 Russian Red

The Lindy Charm Schools signature red lipstick retails for a very affordable $22 and comes in a classic black tube with the Lindy Charm School logo on it. Made in Canada, it contains soothing vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated.

Its no surprise that the perfect red lippy is the ultimate pinups dream and I think I may have found it! I’m going to compare Russian Red to M.A.C vintage classic “Ruby Woo” which I wear on a regular basis and use on my clients. “Ruby Woo” while long lasting and classic in colour leaves my lips incredibly dry ( high clay content ) and crumbles during the day.

Russian Red applied smoothly when placed atop of my already lip pencil lined lips. The colour is classic and after heading out for the morning, running a few errands including brunch it still looked great!  I did not apply a sealant over the lipstick.

I attended an event that night and wore Russian Red again, did the quick kiss on hubby’s cheek and no transfer! This is the ultimate in hubby’s books as he normally shy’s away from my red lips, so a A++ in his books. Returning home after 5 hours ( two retouches during the night after wine ) my lips still held the lovely hue.

I thinks its fair to say that the Lindy Charm School Lipstick in Classic 1 Russian Red is my new personal favourite for my lips. I’m looking forward to using it on my clients at the next pamper parlor event and spreading some of that Russian Red charm!

*This is not a sponsored post.


Beauty Review: Miami Shimmer Spray and Body Scrub

Miami Shimmer Spray

I was browsing Kmart on the weekend and a new little beauty range caught my eye! Priced at a very affordable $3 an item its the perfect throw in your overnight bag to head to the beach range. I’m a sucker for anything that smells like Summer so I choose the Coconut and Lime Shimmer Spray and the Coconut and Lime Body Scrub.

Miami Body Scrub – Coconut & Lime 

In-store I quickly referred to the ingredients list to checkout what the exfoliation ingredient was. It is listed as Walnut Shell Powder and had the go ahead. As a rule I don’t use any products that do not disclose the exfoliation grain is, in some cases it is a tiny plastic grain that builds up in our water ways and seafood….not nice!

The scrub comes in a 160 ml easy squeeze tube in a gel formulation with fine grains. The Coconut and Lime scent is mild and not overwhelming and the grains non scratchy, I’m unsure if it actually exfoliates but teamed with my trusty loofah it seems to do the trick. I have sensitive skin and have been using the scrub for a few days now without reaction which is great!

Miami Shimmer Spray – Coconut & Lime

Packaged in a 240 ml spray bottle it sprays in a light gel formulation depositing a fine silver and gold shimmer to the skin once rubbed in. The Coconut and Lime scent is much stronger than the scrub but pleasant. I used the spray prior to heading out for the night and the shimmer was subtle on my skin and didn’t leave me with the over glittered 90’s disco diva effect..Think 90’s school discos!

Overall a very pleasant little range, I imagine it is marketed towards the teen market but I can see it being my regular go to on sunny weekends or days I need a little tropical pick me up!


Product Review: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

I’m back! The laptop had a minor meltdown but is now in tip top order so away we go again!

Today’s product review is the classic Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Developed by Elizabeth Arden in the 1930’s as a protective cream containing  beta-hydroxy (in one of its first recorded cosmetic uses). 8 hour cream is well known for its moisturizing properties, soothing skin irritation, chapping and as a anti inflammatory. Ms Arden was so impressed with the product that is said she used it on her horses legs to sooth them.

Sweet Painted Lady Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream review

The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is now my holy grail must have product for both my purse and in my professional kit. I purchased mine from the Elizabeth Arden Counter for the very reasonable price of $36, selecting the fragrance free solution as it would be the best fit for all my clients. The cream is a rose tinted formulation, thick and lovely and very little goes a long way. Personally for myself I use it on my lips, sensitive patches on my skin, brows and for general moisturizing.

On clients I have used it on the lips, as a moisturizer, brow taming, as a highlighter, over shadow for the glossy modern eye and to tame hair frizz. The uses are endless and it is a great open-ended product to have tucked away, ready to pull out when the need calls.

Image Source

How gorgeous is this packaging in the UK ? I wish it was available here in NZ! Do you use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and what do you like using it for?


Easy Sponge Roller Set and Hair Up for Short Hair

As my hair gets longer and heads towards mid-length my favourite go to vintage style is a soft set and I achieve that with my sponge rollers. Vintage and Pinup hair is easily achieved when your hair is curled,from there you can then start placing, rolling and pinning your hair into place.

10899112_606537816118106_1341962934_nThis set was a wet set  as I washed my hair, I then used L’Oreals Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender in equal portions as a setting lotion, massaging it through my hair and then combing it through to distribute evenly. I love how this product smells and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on my hands or sheen on my hair.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Hair setting

As I have a fringe ( Bangs for those of you in America ) I sectioned that off and rolled the rollers forward. When sectioning each piece for your roller ( I use my fingers ) make them no wider or thicker than your roller. Depending on your climate I also make my sections finer in depth for quicker drying.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Set

Then set your little helpers hair if required! Selfies in this house require tongue out action to maximise effect.

Sponge roller set

You can set your hair in a variety of patterns for different effects and you will find a variety of vintage setting patterns online, my favourite resource is Glamour Daze or Lisa Freemont. For this set my bangs and hair line around the face are rolled forward, the remaining is rolled down following the line of my head. ( Very basic quick set )  When your hair is dry, unroll and gently brush with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Set

I then take a little of hubbys Suavecito pomade and rub a little in my hair to ease back in frizz, though I found with the L’Oreals Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender results where nice and soft with minimal frizz. This is the time you start placing or styling your hair – due to my hair length when its down and set its a bit too cutsey 1940’s school girl for this mid 30 something so I like to pop it up with hair slides. This works well with short hair as it gives the illusion of longer hair, the set gives it more volume and hold. I back comb all my roots, smooth the top and begin placing rolls etc. This time I put a roll on top, a large kiss curl on the side and styled my bangs into place

Sweet Painted lady hair up

. Finish your hair with a hair accessory such as a do rag, hair flowers, bows or cute clips. If you find the tips of your curls are a little frizzy add some pomade to your finger tips and smooth them. You can also smooth your rolls and bangs by spraying a little hair spray on your brush and smoothing the surface of your hair.


Beauty review: Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intense Skin Plumping Serum

I had such a great success and result after using the Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser ( see post here ) that I was only too happy to purchase from the range again when looking for a new deep moisturizing serum. This time I decided on the Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intense Skin Plumping Serumthis comes in a 30  ml bottle and retails for $49.50 at Farmers.

DAILY RITUAL: Apply to face, neck and decolletage with the lid dropper. Use daily for immediate hydration and the best long-term results.

ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Waiwera mineral water * Vinanza Grape® * Mamaku black fern



Sweet Painted Lady Antipodes review


Being a 30 something I’m only too aware of the affects years of running around in the sun and not looking after my skin have made so the idea that my collagen production would be enhanced was a win for me!  After using it for two weeks I have noticed my skin again is looking brighter, pores have reduced in size,my skin feels smoother and very well hydrated!

The serum is 100% water based and as a result spreads beautifully , I only use 2-3 drops to cover my face and neck during my morning and night routine. Overall I am very pleased with the results, the product delivers what it claims and I’m looking forward to purchasing more from the Antipodes Scientific Organic Range. 

For New Zealand based readers you can purchase Antipodes from Farmers Department stores, Hardys Health Stores and other good health stores.



Product Review: Dancoly Angel En Provence Review Part Two

Hello lovely’s,

Welcome to part two of the Dancoly Angel En Provence Review, this one primarily focus’s on the skincare side of the range and their Body Maker Spray. If you are interested in the Hair Care review you can pop over to it here “Dancoly Angel En Provence Review Part One” Thank you to Professional Hair Brands for providing these beautiful products

Dancoly is devoted to the corporate and social conservation and sustainability of out planet. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that supports a sustainable future so future generations can enjoy a clean green planet

The cosmetics have been developed by Frenchman Gilles le Bret who formulated products with botanic extract and oil resulting in products that contain

  • No Parabens
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Laureth Sulfate ( I have a mild allergy to foaming agents)
  • No Mineral Oil or Parafen Oil
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Animal Testing
  • Organic Natural Ingredients

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review

 Helichrysum Revitalising Bath Creme – Soap free formula containing Helicrysum. This extract is a antioxidant that relaxes and softens the skin with whitening property’s.

I love the formulation of the bath creme as it is non drying the scent is lovely and subtle ( I have put aside my regular Lush products for this )  ,  again it comes in a recyclable and easy to use 800ml bottle. I like that it is a no soap formula as everyone in our household has sensitive skin so I have been using it on our 2 year old at bathtime.

The statement that it had whitening property’s intrigued me so I dug a little deeper and explored the benefits of Helichrysum. Helichrysum is a Eurpoean herb with antiallergenic, emollient, cell-regenerating skin soothing propertys my understanding is that it balances the skin, aids in healing and the whitening effect is a evening out of skin-tone – so suitable for all skin-tones.

You can read more on the benefits here and here.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review body lotion

 Sakura Energetic Body Lotion

Lovely and light to use and does not leave a greasy residue, perfect for use after the Bath Creme.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review body builder

 Lavender Body Maker Spray – Full product Description here

I have naturally fine hair and have to work at maintaining body, I used the spray as directed and it left me with lovely natural looking volume and shine. Also great for use before back combing while vintage styling.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review

 Shea Butter Hand Cream “is a specially exquisite and popular hand cream, that contains 20% Shea Butter Oil, honey and sweet almond extract with alluring fragrance of jasmine and orange flower essence.”

I LOVE this hand cream! As you can see in the image I have been using it non stop, Extreamly hydrating , leaves my hands feeling silky and smelling lovely. Hasn’t left my handbag since it arrived!

After the first Review post I had several enquirys regarding where you can purchase the Dancoly Angel 2 Range? I have  attached a  full list of Hamilton suppliers below.

NV Hairdressing 194 Victoria Street

Team 7  9 Thackeray Street

Designer Hair Care, Hamilton  Dress Smart The Base

Urben Hairdressing  Dinsdale Shopping Centre

Shampoo N Things Chartwell

Shampoo Shop in Te Awa at the Base

Rodney Wayne Shampoo N Things – Nationwide