Beauty Review: MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold

I’ve recently been exploring the world of K-Beauty and their skin beauty regimes after coming across a K Beauty store called Maggies in Hamilton. K beauty is Korean Skincare and it places a strong importance in preparing and nourishing the skin. This includes using a  variety of products including oil cleansers, foam cleansers, essences, sheet masks.

One of the products I purchased ( there has been a few ) is MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patches in Gold. These promise: brightening, moisturizing and lifting. What 35 year old mother wouldn’t love that! The packaging is in Korean but lists the active ingredients as :Rose Water, Colloidal Gold, Purified Water, Pearl Powder,Collagen, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Algae Extract and Camelia Leaf Extract.

 Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

It comes in a gold plastic pot and when I opened it I was pleased to see an extra removable seal and spatula inside. This is great to lift your eye patches out and stop the spread of bacteria in the pot. I was thrilled to see that it contains 60 patches! The patches are gold, have a shimmer to them and there is a lot of extra product in the pot. Perfect for using on other parts of your face! At $30 a pot it is great value for money.

The patches are lightly floral scented. I like the scent but some may not.

Beauty Review: Miskin Diaforce Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

What do I think?

I have been using these patches for 2 weeks, twice a week  ( Weds and Sun) so have given them a fair trail. The patches are easy to pop on just be prepared for a little sliding if there is too much product on them. I wiped the excess off ( popped them on my fine lines) and re-positioned under the eye. I find the patches have a nice cooling effect and after 30 minutes my under eye area feels hydrated and my fine lines have lessened. If you place some of the excess product on the patch you can also use them your lines between your brows and on the corners of your mouth.

Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold
Hey there, bright eyes!

Great value for money, love the results and will definitely purchase again. Store them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

I would love to know what K-Beauty products your have tried!

Look out for my next K-Beauty Review next Thursday.




Want to Know When to Use Skin Serums?

Recently, I had a client ask me what skin serums are and should she be using them instead of moisturizer or in conjunction with them? The answer is BOTH, depending on your skin type.

Serums are very popular at the moment and are a lightweight lotion that penetrates deep into the skin. Serums are often infused with active ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C and Glycolic acid . Skin serums can help with: hyper-pigmentation, fine lines,firming skin, smoothing skin and calming sensitive skin. Most are water based and a few drops will go along way on your face.

Antipodes Super Fruit Skin Serum

I have recently purchased Antipodes Worship Super-fruit Antioxidant Serum and have been using it daily in my skincare routine. I selected this to help with my fine lines and to fade some of my sun damage. There are many options available and I recommend exploring the benefits of each and selecting what is best for your skin.

My Skincare Routine, including Serums

I suffered cystic acne as a teen with scaring and have developed sensitive skin over the years.Therefore I try to keep my skincare as natural as possible to avoid flare ups.

  1. Cleanse – I use a non foaming cleansing gel.
  2. Tone – My favourite is a few light sprays of rose water.
  3. Facial Serum – Morning and night
  4. Moisturizer.
  5. Sunblock

Moisturizer comes after serum as its heavier. If you have oily skin then you can try forgoing the moisturizer after applying serum. I would love to hear about the products your using or your experiences with serums!



My Style: Vintage Summer Dress

Its always a thrill to find distinctive clothing and some of the best pieces I’ve found are from local op-shops and vintage stores. One of my favorite places to shop in Hamilton in the Recycle Boutique on Grey Street. I love the variety there and I always find a great mix of designer and vintage clothing. Finding good novelty piece has been on my wishlist for a while. And in this Kerry McGee dress is perfect with its “Colorful Colorado” print on it.

Shopping Vintage Dresses

Initially I was disheartened when I saw the dress on the rack as it was labeled Size 8 and I fluctuate between a 10 and a 12. However, I had to remember that today’s vanity sizing is not the same as vintage and retro sizing. A 1950’s/60’s size 16 will fit a 10/12,in this case Terry McGee’s 90’s dress in a size 8 was a perfect fit! Remember if you love it on the rack, try it on! You may find it fits!

The Dress

Shopping Vintage Dresses

I paired the dress with some Maguba of Sweden wooden clogs. I cant wait to wear them with tights this Winter.

Share with us your favourite op-shop or vintage finds! They can be from Etsy, Trademe, a relative or the local Hospice down the road. I would love to hear about them


My Style: Mansfield Garden Picnic

Amy and I attended the Hamilton Gardens ” Mansfield Picnic” last month. This provided a great opportunity to style an outfit influenced by the Deco era! In this instance I selected a great tropical vintage maxi dress, pairing it with a classic straw boater hat. I styled my hair into a some classic 30’s waves and framed my face with large, flat pin-curls.

My makeup was 30’s inspired and I decided to go for the natural flushed look. Placing emphasis on my cheeks, rounding my brows in 30’s style and a rose soft lip. A nice soft look that translates well in modern day.

We were fortunate to run into our friend David Rowe who then invited us into the Italian gardens for a photo shoot.

Deco Style

Deco Style


Deco Style

Deco Styling

Amy’s Style

Style Shoot

Style Shoot

All images David Rowe Photography.


The A-Z Guide of Autumn / Winter Style

Are you looking forward to far-welling Summer and embracing Winter? Want to add more colour or texture to your daily style? Enjoy my A-Z Guide of Autumn Style, including some classics, vintage, contemporary and of course some fun!

Miss L Fire
Miss L Fire

A – Ankle Boots. Perfect  with pants and they look great teamed with tights worn with skirts and dresses.

B – Botanical’s. Embrace nature and bring some print into your wardrobe with a botanical print shirt or wrap dress. Perfect paired with leather boots and your Winter coat.

C – Coats. A good wool coat goes a long way in a New Zealand Winter. Invest in a statement coat in a bold colour or a print that makes you happy. Prefer Black? Then look out for interesting details such as quirky linings, clasps and buttons.

D –  Denim Jeans. The perfect go to for weekend brunch to dinner with the girls. Wear with some cute flats during the day and team with your strappy heels for the evening.

E – Embroidery. Embroidery has made a huge appearance this season.You will find small motifs on jeans to fully embroidered bomber jackets. For something a little unique try searching the vintage racks for embroidered 30’s and 40’s numbers.

Trelise Cooper

F – Fur/ Fluff. Faux, shirling, vintage,fluffy? Whats better than snuggling into a warm fur jacket on a cold winters day.

G – Gloves. Protect your hands from the chill with a pop of colour and lush materials. Leather, Vintage or Wool.

H – Hats. Not only do they look great but they are perfect for disguising a bad hair day. Look out for Wool Cloche hats or chic Berets to add a little interest to your outfit.

I – Indulge. Indulge in home cooked meals, hot chocolate, baths or Netflix. Good for the soul.

J – Jumpsuit.  Team with a jacket during the day or flirty with a one shoulder number.

K – Knits. Chunky, Wool, Cashmere or Merino! Add texture to your outfit with a chunky cable knit, or layer in Merino or Cashmere. Embrace the 80’s in a riot of colour or sequins.

L – Layers. Autumn and Winter are all about layering your outfits. Transition your favourite Summer dress by adding a turtle neck and a long line cardigan or a cute blazer on top.

Antipodes Skincare

M – Moisturizer. Protect your skin from the Winter chill by keeping your face and lips well hydrated and protected.

N – Necklaces. Big, Bold and colourful! Bring a pop of colour to a classic black outfit or co-ordinate your accessories from the shoes up.

O – Oversized – Look for huge sleeves, bows and embellishments.

P – Pleated Skirts. From metallics to jewel colours there is a tone for every style type. Team with a classic t or shirt for a soft feminine look.

Q – Quirky. Look for unexpected and quirky prints. Experiment with clashing prints and colour.

R – Red. Red is everywhere! Embrace the classic red lip or grab a red lips novelty bag to add some quirk to your outfit.

Oscar De La Renta

S – Statement Accessories. Bold earrings and necklaces, The bigger, the brighter, the better! #notsubtle

T – Tassels – Earrings, key rings, necklaces. They are everywhere and in every colour.

U – Umbrella. Go bold, go bright, stand out in a sea of Black umbrellas

V – Velvet.  Plush, lush and a beautiful way to inject some richness into your work day. Velvet is on trend this season and you will find something to suit your budget and style tastes.

Charlotte Olympia
Charlotte Olympia/ net-a-porter

W – Wellness. You cannot look your best if you don’t feel your best. Stock up on your Vit C, EPO and get a decent sleep.

X – XL. Is your wardrobe in need of a downsize? Donate what you no longer wear to charity….

Y- You! Be uniquely you. Express yourself, have fun, challenge yourself, be true to yourself…..and don’t give a crap what others think. #unapologeticallyyou

Z – Zip it. Zip it real good. Look for fun zip embellishments on jackets, sleeves, pockets and shoes.

I hope you found some inspiration for this season! What are your Winter must haves?



Style Evolution – Bold, Colour and Vintage

Over the past couple of months I have found myself on a style evolution! You may have noticed on my Instagram feed that I have been incorporating more modern clothing styles into my daily look and brightening up my wardrobe. One friend expressed concern that I didn’t seem to be interested in vintage anymore and was I going through a phase? In short -No, I still adore vintage and retro style but I’m a firm believer that like the evolution of vintage, style and fashion you can mix and mingle vintage styling with more contemporary and modern looks.

Bright colours and interesting prints make me happy, just looking at them makes my heart sing and my soul glow! I surround myself in it with my choices of art, decor, books etc and now I’m taking the plunge, pushing myself and expressing it more in my clothing choices. You could say this is my 2017 new years intention. Dressing with intent, living in colour and pushing my boundaries.

“Life is too short & unpredictable not to live exactly as you please” Diana Vreeland

Vintage Style Dress

I found this 60’s dress at a local vintage store in Hamilton and cinched it with a scarf from my collection.My little boy was only to happy and amused to lend my his watering can to accompany my accessories.

Vintage Style Yellow Heels


 ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

Have you made any style evolution’s recently?



LUSH Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask Review

Lush Rosy Cheeks Review

Hands up if the Summer heat is sucking the moisture out of your skin? I’m certainly noticing that with the heat and a mid 30’s hormone surge ( more on that later ) that my skins pores are gasping for moisture at the moment.

I wandered into LUSH  during late night shopping , was approached by a helpful Lushette ( is that a term? I quiet like it ) and I quickly told her I was seeking a moisturizing face mask that wouldn’t agitate my hormonal and sensitive skin ( I sound like I have a angsty teen on my hands ). Lushette proceeded to demonstrate the benefits of Rosy Cheeks face mask on my hand and Catastrope Cosmetic, generously layering them on, explaining their benefits and washing them off to revel the results. I must admit I liked the smoothing effect of Rosy Cheeks and was already taken at the thought of the rosy scent. I was also excited about the masks being made fresh.

A++ to Lush Hamilton for excellent customer service.

Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

The Mask.

Rosy Cheeks comes in a handy 60g pot, retails for $16.50 and you are advised to keep it in the fridge due to the nature of the ingredients. An additional benefit is your mask is chilled and it is a welcome reprieve on a hot summers evening. Described as a soothing mask that calms redness in your skin and balances it out.


List of ingredients


The mask is quiet thick and a little hard to spread. I warm it up between my fingers to make it more malleable. The mask dries quiet firm and releases a light rose scent, you will need to have a firm wash to remove the mask. I have some pronounced pores and find it settles into them as its drying. The final result is smooth skin and my pores are a little more settled. I do follow with a night cream for added moisture.

Would I purchase again?

Yes, I have been using Rosy Cheeks on a weekly basis and have not had any reactions, its particularly soothing after a day in the garden or the outside.

Additional Bonus

LUSH runs a 5 pot recycling scheme. Bring in 5 pots and receive on fresh mask free!


Beauty Review ” Cel Derma T-Laser HydroGel Mask

I was recently given some Cel Derma T-Laser Hydrogel Masks to try , so last night I gave one a whirl. As all the instructions are in Korean I jumped on the all wise and wonderful Dr Google land a found a handful of you tube reviews and some sites stating that it is Korea’s number one selling face mask….intriguing!

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

The packaging is attractive and you receive four masks in a box. each mask is in a easy tear foil packet, unfortunately as there are no English instructions on the packaging so I had no idea what to do. You tube provided the necessary information so leave it on for 20-40 mins.

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

After opening the foil package I pulled out the mask, I was a little confused as it comes in two parts, there is a lot of plastic and they are folded in one another so try have a clean surface or towel out to lay them on. I also noticed there is still alot of gel left in the packet that could be used later.

I took the first white plastic covering off and placed it on the face aligning the eyes up etc then the lower face part, then realizing there was a clear plastic shield that needed to come off too ( Lots of plastic ). Once these are taken off you are left with a gel like formula on your face that doesn’t slide so you can walk around and do other things while you wait.

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

The mask feels amazing on! Cooling and refreshing and has only a slight fresh scent to it. I left it on for the 40 mins to maximize the results! Hubby did find the overall look amusing comparing me to the Phantom of the Opera! Thanks babe!

After 40 mins I peeled the mask off and my skin felt amazing!! I rubbed in the residue gel and left it for the night. I also took the extra gel from in the packet and slathered that all over my neck and hands.

15 hours later my skin still feels amazing , smooth and hydrated! ( No morning moisturizer today)  I have really dry and sensitive skin and this has settled all of that with no dry patches to be seen. I would properly only use the mask once a week prior to bed, maybe twice during the heat of Summer as that is all my skin seems to need.

I have been unable to find a stockist here in NZ but have found plenty online via Ebay etc so its worth investigating.