Beauty Review: MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold

I’ve recently been exploring the world of K-Beauty and their skin beauty regimes after coming across a K Beauty store called Maggies in Hamilton. K beauty is Korean Skincare and it places a strong importance in preparing and nourishing the skin. This includes using a  variety of products including oil cleansers, foam cleansers, essences, sheet masks.

One of the products I purchased ( there has been a few ) is MiSkin Dia Force Hydro-Gel Eye Patches in Gold. These promise: brightening, moisturizing and lifting. What 35 year old mother wouldn’t love that! The packaging is in Korean but lists the active ingredients as :Rose Water, Colloidal Gold, Purified Water, Pearl Powder,Collagen, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Algae Extract and Camelia Leaf Extract.

 Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

It comes in a gold plastic pot and when I opened it I was pleased to see an extra removable seal and spatula inside. This is great to lift your eye patches out and stop the spread of bacteria in the pot. I was thrilled to see that it contains 60 patches! The patches are gold, have a shimmer to them and there is a lot of extra product in the pot. Perfect for using on other parts of your face! At $30 a pot it is great value for money.

The patches are lightly floral scented. I like the scent but some may not.

Beauty Review: Miskin Diaforce Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold

What do I think?

I have been using these patches for 2 weeks, twice a week  ( Weds and Sun) so have given them a fair trail. The patches are easy to pop on just be prepared for a little sliding if there is too much product on them. I wiped the excess off ( popped them on my fine lines) and re-positioned under the eye. I find the patches have a nice cooling effect and after 30 minutes my under eye area feels hydrated and my fine lines have lessened. If you place some of the excess product on the patch you can also use them your lines between your brows and on the corners of your mouth.

Beauty Review: Mi Skin Dia Force Hydro Gel Eye Patch Gold
Hey there, bright eyes!

Great value for money, love the results and will definitely purchase again. Store them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

I would love to know what K-Beauty products your have tried!

Look out for my next K-Beauty Review next Thursday.




Want to Know When to Use Skin Serums?

Recently, I had a client ask me what skin serums are and should she be using them instead of moisturizer or in conjunction with them? The answer is BOTH, depending on your skin type.

Serums are very popular at the moment and are a lightweight lotion that penetrates deep into the skin. Serums are often infused with active ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C and Glycolic acid . Skin serums can help with: hyper-pigmentation, fine lines,firming skin, smoothing skin and calming sensitive skin. Most are water based and a few drops will go along way on your face.

Antipodes Super Fruit Skin Serum

I have recently purchased Antipodes Worship Super-fruit Antioxidant Serum and have been using it daily in my skincare routine. I selected this to help with my fine lines and to fade some of my sun damage. There are many options available and I recommend exploring the benefits of each and selecting what is best for your skin.

My Skincare Routine, including Serums

I suffered cystic acne as a teen with scaring and have developed sensitive skin over the years.Therefore I try to keep my skincare as natural as possible to avoid flare ups.

  1. Cleanse – I use a non foaming cleansing gel.
  2. Tone – My favourite is a few light sprays of rose water.
  3. Facial Serum – Morning and night
  4. Moisturizer.
  5. Sunblock

Moisturizer comes after serum as its heavier. If you have oily skin then you can try forgoing the moisturizer after applying serum. I would love to hear about the products your using or your experiences with serums!



My 5 Minute Natural Makeup Look.

We all have those mornings where we are pressed for time but still wanting to look presentable at work. While navigating around getting myself and our son ready I attempt to schedule some time to do my makeup and feel good about myself for the day. Here is my 5 minute Natural Makeup Look.

5 Minute Natural Makeup


I try to moisturize as soon as I get up to allow time for it to soak in and then follow with foundation. I like to wear a lighter coverage at work so use a small amount of Estee Lauder Double Wear to even out my skin tone. You could use CC cream for a lighter alternative.

Once I have finished my foundation I use MACS Mineralize Concealer to cover any under-eye darkness. Mineralize is great as it extra hydrating and doesn’t settle in the creases of my under eye.


Next, I add a little warmth to my skin tone with Ben Bye Carnation Pink Creme Rouge, gently blending it into my cheeks. You can build the colour up in small quantity and a creme rouge keeps the skin looking extra hydrated.

Set it

Invest in a great setting powder. I  set my foundation base with Paris Berlin loose translucent powder and a large powder brush, This helps hold your foundation for the day.


I always fill in my brows to frame my face, even if I bypass my foundation having my brows filled I feel more groomed. I have tried a variety of products over the years and my current favourite is MAC Dirty Blonde Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. I like that you can use a little for a more natural look or build up for more definition.Fill your brows in following the direction of your hair.

I use a natural vanilla eyeshadow from my Crown Over Exposed Pallette to open my eye and use MAC Texture Velvet in the crease. I give the illusion of open eyes by using Rimmels Eye Definer in nude on my lower water line, you could also use white.

Don’t forget to your eyes off with mascara. I finish my eyes off with Nutrimetics Dramatic Lash and then I’m done!

Natural Makeup


I wear a natural lip at work, occasionally switching it up for a berry or red. I line my lips in Smashbox in Nude followed by the hydrating NARS Dolce Vita. Using lip liner under your gloss or lipstick will help it last the day.

If I have more time in morning I will add liner to my look and a bolder lip.

I would love to hear your morning makeup routine and your favourite tips.

Share them in the comments.




Taking Care of Blonde Hair

Since gradually shifting to Blonde I have noticed that my hair is drier, needing more attention and maintenance  to keep it healthy.  This is particularity noticeable after my hair dries and looks like a puff ball!

Here are my helpful tips to get the best out of your dyed Blonde hair.



I only wash my hair once or twice a week. Being lightened I find it doesn’t get as oily and if it does then dry shampoo or a little talc takes the edge off.

When washing use a Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Sulfates can damage your hair colour and allow it to turn yellow. Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioners are great for all chemically coloured hair.

Use a Purple Shampoo, the purple tone helps cancel out and even out yellow tones. I use Blonde Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Bright Blonde Shampoo.

After air drying or gently towel drying your hair add moisture back in with a hair oil


Use a protein hair mask to strengthen your hair cuticle after has been weakened by the lightening process. This will help minimize hair breakage. What are your recommendations? I’m looking for a new one to try!

Monthly – Six Weekly

I have my hair foiled, so get maintain your roots by having them regularly done four/ six weekly and your ends trimmed to keep split ends away.


What are your favorite tips and products for keeping your Blonde hair in great condition?


Behind the Scenes: The 2017 Classics Museum Calendar.

Every year I’m fortunate to be part of the creative team that creates The Classics Museum Calendar, lead by photographer Tiffany Curtis it is a collaboration of many talented people. This year they collaborated with Glory Days Magazine to create a unique and beautiful Noir themed calendar, showcasing models from all over New Zealand and  unveiling this Saturday at the Classics Museum.


We have a collection of great vintage hair and makeup artists behind the scenes including; Honey L’amour, Monique from The Beauty School Dropouts, Michelle of Debonaire Do’s and myself. This year Tony joined us again to capture behind the scenes in video and these gorgeous images.Rose of Decadia Vintage provided the extensive wardrobe from a variety of great vintage collections and reproduction suppliers.



Anna’s hair and makeup by Melanie ( Moi ) / The Sweet Painted Lady


Hair by Melanie/ The Sweet Painted Lady, MUA by Honey L’Amour



Miss Ruby Ribbons – MUA by Miss Ruby Ribbons, hair by Melanie/ The Sweet Painted Lady



Hannah – Hair by Melanie/ The Sweet Painted Lady. MUA by Honey L’Amour

Jonathan – Hair and Makeup by Melanie/ The Sweet Painted Lady

Want to see more? The Classics Museum Calendar launches THIS Saturday at the Classics Museum!


Tickets are available via Glory Days Magazine, door sales available.

All images by Tony’s page: Tony McKay Commercial



Top 5 Posts About Hair


I love styling hair and have had plenty of time to set, style and play as my hair has grown from a short pixie to mid-length. There has been some great hair days and some not soo great ( who doesn’t have those! ) and I have put together my top 5 hair posts on the blog.






Remember vintage hair and setting takes time, patience and practice and you can see from some of my posts the varied results. Happy practicing.


The Ultimate Curl Guide – Part Three – Hard Setting

Welcome back to The Ultimate Curl Guide! I’m running a little late this week as hubby and I have both injured our backs ( separate events ) and have been wallowing in our aches and pains.  The last two posts explore the curl achieved in a Hot Roller Set and a Pin Curl Set, this week we are doing a hard set! What is is hard set you ask?  Hard setting is when you use a heated tool such as a curling tong or flat iron to achieve curls in dry hair. This is the most commonly favored and fastest method to use for setting.

Heat setting


My tool of choice is the H2D 5x Curling Wand and its my favourite as it comes with five different wand options and you can adjust the heat to your hair type.

While my curling iron is heating up I spray a thermal protection spray on my hair to prevent it from drying out and give my hair a light brush. Instead of setting lotion I use a light spray of hair spray before a wrapped each section around the wand.

Curling tong Curl

My curling iron has no clip on the barrel so I have to be careful when wrapping my section around the barrel to not burn myself. When wrapping each section around try to make each section no thicker than the barrel ( wand ) you are using and try not to twist your hair as it is wrapped around as it warps your curl. To avoid dry ends and maintain healthier hair start wrapping your hair from midway up   your hair section and not from the ends.

heat set

For this particular set I have set the crown on base for volume and and then rolled them into flat pin-curls for the rest of my head. Pin your curls into place and allow the curls to cool.

Heat set pinup

Once the curls are cool ( I had lunch and a cup of tea ) take your pins out! The curls are nice a springy, have a nice gloss to them and now you can start styling. If you see a nice wave forming lock it into place with some pin-curl or duck bill clips and spray with hairspray.

Pinup Sets

Remove final clips, spray and your done. Hard setting is an easy method of setting and if you are want to revamp your look to go out at night  its easy to grab your irons and pop some extra curls in!


Edit** Ignore the poor evening lighting, this is the results after amping up the volume and smoothing the waves.

Next Ultimate Curl Guide will focus on a sponge roller set.


The Ultimate Curl Guide – Part Two: Pincurl Set

Love the look and idea of vintage hair? Not sure what tool does what and what the outcome will be? I have put together a curl guide to demonstrate what the outcome will be from various tools.

Last week I explained the Hot Roller Set and the curl achieved. This week we are exploring pin-curls and what kind of the curl they produce. This is personally my favourite kind of set as it provides the best results on my fine hair and lasts for a longer time.

Pincurl setting

I have previously focused on pin-curling is this post –Master your pin-curl set which explains setting it step by step. The results of this set should differ as my hair is longer and I’m using a different setting lotion.


Pin-curls are dampened sections of hair wound into a circle and secured with a clip or pin. I started on damp hair and   towel dried it, for shorter hair you may find it air drys quicker. Wet hair takes a lot longer for the pin-curl to dry.

There are two kinds of pin curls to choose from:

  • Upright – Rolled on base and great for creating volume, I like using pin-curl clips to secure these pin-curls
  • Flat – Rolled flat to the head and secured with a pin, I like bobby pins as they are nicer to sleep on.

rolling pincurls

The direction you wind your hair effect the the kind of curl you will achieve and also the finished style. You can find many setting diagrams on pinterest or on Glamour Daze. In my super technical diagram you can see that I have set my crown in upright, forward pin-curls and my sides in flat forwards curls.

Rolling a pincurl

*Scene change: I had to find somewhere with a light back ground to demonstrate rolling a pin-curl! And yes! I’m a huge Marvel geek 🙂

To roll a pin-curl you need to take a section of hair, spritz with setting lotion and begin by pinching the end of your section hair a few inches from the end. With your other hand loop your hair around into a curl and secure between your fingers. Next begin slowly winding the curl up the hair shaft and secure at the base with a bobby pin or pin-curl clip.

This may take a few practice runs to roll but it gets easier with practice. If you have layers tuck the ends in as you roll.

Pin-curl with dolly peg

The second way you can pin-curl your hair is with a dolly peg or mascara wand! Wrap the the section of hair around the peg, wind up, slide off and pin! This results in a very tight curl.

Full head of pin curls

Back to better lighting – Once your head is fully wound in pin-curls, give it a final spritz with setting lotion and leave to dry! I either let it dry under the hood dryer or sleep on it over night. I wound this set at 1pm and it was still damp at 9pm ( due to the Autumn weather ) so will sleep on it and share the results from the morning.

Good morning! Its 6.30 am and there is no natural light around so please excuse the hallway lighting.

Brushing out pincurls

  1. Welcome to the early morning mum look! Unpin your hair and release the curls. You can see they are nice and tight and a little mussed from sleeping on them. What ever you do, DO NOT run your fingers through them! That is when the frizz factor kicks in and that requires lots of brushing out.
  2. I brush my hair out in gentle firm strokes with a large boar bristle paddle brush. You can see the pin-curls create great curl and wave.You can tame any frizz with pomade and some hair spray.
  3. Style and enjoy. You can maintain this set by re-pinning each night and giving it a light spritz of setting spray.

Next week we will look at the curl a hard set ( curling irons ) provides.


The Ultimate Curl Guide – Hot Roller Set.

Love the look and idea of vintage hair? Not sure what tool does what and what the outcome will be? I have put together a curl guide to demonstrate what the outcome will be from various tools. I had decided that I was going to do this all in one post until I realized how much of a large undertaking it would be, so I have adapted it into a six post series! Phew!

  • Hot Roller Set
  • Pin Curl Set
  • Rag Roller Set
  • Pillow Roller Set
  • Sponge Roller Set
  • Hard Set ( use of curling tongs )

Hot Roller Setting

A roller set is achieved when rollers are heated on a electrical base and are then wound into dry hair and left to cool, creating a curled do. You will see below that rollers can be secured with a variety of clips and they also come in in small, medium and large.

Hot roller pieces

Effects will vary depending on your hair length and thickness of hair. Like all sets a setting product or curl enhancing product is recommended. I have spritzed Lindy Charm Schools setting lotion on my dry hair before rolling each section and I lightly spray with hair spray before letting it cool.

Hot Roller Set

After the rollers have cooled down, remove the rollers gently. The results in mid length hair are springy, soft curls. If you have short hair then it may look like my bangs in the front.

Hot Roller Set results

The first image is after running my fingers through the curls and the final two are the set softly brushed out and the curls coaxed into place. A hot roller set often results in nice soft, glossy curls that slowly drop during the day. In my experience ( on my hair ) the curls last a day and the following day I have lovely wavy hair. ( results may vary depending on hair type )

Hot roller set styled

Look out for part two : Pin Curl set in the Ultimate Curl Guide out next Monday!


How to Winter Proof Your skin

Image by 2B's Photgraphy
Image by 2B’s Photography

The long hot, muggy summer ( or the dry heat we experienced in Aussie ) has past we are now heading into cooler, wetter and chilling months so its now time to lavish your skin and make it winter ready.

The summer sun, air conditioning and changing weather conditions may see your skin drying out in places, in particular your elbows, knees, ankles and feet so invest in a good loofa/ dry brush on a stick and rub away that dead skin.

Olive oil and sugar are a great natural scrub or you could make your own coffee scrub – Sweet Tips – Make your own here.

Post shower is the best time to moisturize your skin – Save and use that popular olive oil again or almond oil from the super market. Almond oil is great for your skin, face, hair and nails. Spoil yourself with a massage bar from Lush, I love to use it after shaving and waxing , my three year old loves massage and your partner will too! A little goes a long way and there are some great scents available, my favourite is Each Peach and the Shimmy Shimmy Massage bar for some added daily twinkle!

Your skin is finer on your face and generally more sensitive so use a daily moisturizer prior to your makeup and a richer moisturizer after your cleansing routine at night. This moisturizer will help your skin rejuvenate over night. My favourite is Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Cream.

The sun is still very harsh in NZ so don’t let your daily sunscreen application slide.

As the the weather cools you will notice your hair starting to dry , frizz and those ends splitting so spend some time lavishing your tresses. If you have dry hair then invest in a  hydrating shampoo and conditioner while  treating yourself to a hair mask or salon treatment.Save and use coconut oil in your hair, let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it out.

Hair oils are a great way add moisture and shine to your hair. Apply to your tresses after a shower, applying damp to the mid lengths down and styling as usual.

Enjoy the upcoming winter months and remember the key is moisturizing!