Links à la Mode, April 20th

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Links à la Mode, April 20th

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Daily Outfit: Day out in the sun


Sweet Painted Lady Vintage Style

Sweet Painted Lady OOTD Vintage

I had such a lovely day spending the afternoon at Silo Park in Auckland checking out the vintage themed Finders Keepers Market and catching up with friends ( Post later on this week) . It has been really hot here at the moment so I decided to dress tropical and choosing accessories to match the colour splashes on my dress.

I LOVE accessories! They are the perfect way to add interest to an outfit and take it to the next level! I often find the best pieces when Louivsa, Equip etc go into sale as they are the best place to get great hair flowers and bold coloured pieces. I add in the odd vintage bracelet to keep it interesting, finding these at markets, thrifting or on Trade Me.

Sweet Painted Lady OOTD Vintage dress Bakelite

silo park daily outfit

Outfit Details

Dress: Vintage from my lovely friend Sharon, she has some amazing dresses!

Necklace: A gift from Amy,

Earrings: Vintage

Hair Flower: Diva? Brought many years ago

Bracelets: Assorted Vintage, the Turquoise one is from Portmans


Girls about town – Humidity proof hair!

This week my roster and Amy of Chica Chica Boom Chic aligned so we did our hair , frocked up and hit the shops for a girls day out! We have both been complaining that the humidity was dragging us  ( and our hair ) down so we made some extra effort to sparkle and enjoy ourselves!

Sweet Painted Lady hair 2 Day  Curling wand

Despite the humidity Amy managed to get her hair glossy and extra curly with the H2D Curling Wand,  deciding to mix it up with the large barrel connection ( one of five to choose from ) to achieve lovely big curls that she then brushed out into Veronica Lake style waves – Va Voom!

Sweet Painted lady Hair 2 Day pormo

I decided to use the tapered wand connection as my hair is still at the shorter stage so it helps me to achieve add volume and thickness. I love that it only takes 5-10 seconds to curl on the barrel ( no clip here )  so its great for quickly getting ready and achieves long lasting glossy results!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic

Starting off with a much needed coffee and a light lunch before hitting some of our favourite thrift stores in Hamilton!

Sweet Painted Lady

Some light 2015 blog planning as well!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic 1

Hitting some of our favorite spots for vinty shopping!

Sweet Painted Lady Lame dress

Fabulous 60’s lame frock, perfect to go with my mini beehive achieved with my added curls in the morning……..yes I did buy it!!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic big bag

A girls bag can never be too big can it? I’m impressed with how well Amy’s hair style had held, this in the 2pm high humidity

Sweet Painted Lady Remains to be Scene

My favourite go to store for amazing fashion, home-wares and deco! Hair down and making the most of my lovely waves

Chica Chica Boom Chic Daily Outfit

Christmas is in full swing in the local Westfield so we decided to make use of Santa’s amazing grotto set up ( and air conditioning ) and grab a few outfit pics! Amy’s hair withstood the faux snow sprinkling down on us!

sweet painted lady daily outfit

We had such a great day out with lots of lovely compliments ( helps a girl sparkle! ) After 6 hours our hair was still looking as fresh as it did in the morning thanks to the H2D curling wand and its long lasting results! I have replaced my current kit wand and rollers in favour of the 5 wands and the variety of effects they create!


This post was made possible with the help of Professional Hair Brands and H2D NZ


Interview with Catherine from Sewing in the 60’s

Swinging back to the 60’s I catch up with Australian based blogger Catherine from Sewing in the 60’s ( Catherine has an eye for the bright, beautiful and vibrant prints of the era and utilises her sewing ability’s to reproduce garments that translate well to the modern figure and modern day wear. On reading Catherine’s blog it’s clear to see she has a passion for exploring Australian and New Zealand fashion history and sharing it with her readers via her pattern, fabric and outfit choices.

Saffron (3)sm

Hi Catherine, Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little about yourself?

Hi everyone! I’m Catherine – sewer and writer of the blog Sewing the 60s and I live in Sydney Australia. I currently work as a team coordinator for an Aussie Telco and blogging and sewing is my creative outlet. I’ve sewn since I was a kid, being brought up wearing my mum’s handmade dresses to church and watching her make outfits for herself. My blog has been running since May last year and the main focus of the content is 60s fashion, pop culture, music and of course sewing!

I had noticed for a long time many wonderful blogs written by 1940’s and 50s lovers, but none of them really appealed to my own passion for the 60s. There were of course lots of 60s blogs out there, but not many that mixed both a love for the 60s and sewing together – and so my blog was born!

I also had a profile on Burdastyle for many years but I didn’t feel like the site was as dynamic as it had been when it first started so I decided to create my blog based on the things I missed. I’d always appreciated the efforts of bloggers like Gretchen Hirsch (Gerties blog for better sewing) and Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and the amount of work they had put into popularising home sewing and so I wanted to be able to share my creations with the internet, with lots of music, fashion and cultural history thrown in!

babs 5 sm

When did you realize that you were drawn to the 60’s era and how did that lead to the reproduction of the garments? 

I remember being drawn to the 60s from when I was very young. My mum had lots of her own bits and pieces that she’d kept from her childhood in the 60s and when I was about 10 a friend’s mum commented on me looking like a flower child after I’d plaited and adorned my hair with flowers. I went home and asked my mum what that meant and ever since I’ve loved everything about those 10 years in history!

Once I started working and could afford my own clothes, I actually preferred wearing 50s style clothing and would spend lots of money on T.U.K shoes and wiggle skirts, but at some point and I can’t remember exactly when, I picked up the mod look and then it all went from there. I love the girly dollybird look and the neat mod style but sometimes I will venture into the hippie side for a day.

I’m quite picky and couldn’t always find exactly what I wanted in the vintage shops and on top of that most of the best 60s dresses are made for the tiny waif like girls of the post war generation so I resorted to sewing my own dresses, coming up with the designs myself or copying what was in movies and photos. I got myself a proper vintage pattern in 2008 and have loved sewing with them ever since!


Is your love of the 60’s reflected past the sewing of garment? Ie: House interior, car etc.

When I first moved out of home, I had bought some nice mid-century furniture from the local opp shop in great condition, like my bedroom cupboard which I think is actually a dining room sideboard and also my dining table. But my most prized possessions are the little decorations like candle sticks, jars and other ceramic items that I’ve picked up for next to nothing at opp shops

I’ve also started making an effort to build my record collection. It’s very small at the moment but I’m happy with what I have so far. I also love listening to 60s and 70s music more than modern music so sometimes I’m a little out of touch, but every now and again a new band with an old sound will pique my interest!

Where do you like find your inspiration from when researching a particular garment?

Usually my inspiration comes accidently while searching Pinterest, Tumblr, movies or books. I sometimes spot something and then try to figure out how I can replicate it. Finding a matching pattern and the perfect fabric are such an exciting part of the creative process!

Sometimes it’s the reverse – I’ll buy fabric and I’ll love it but not really know what to do with it until an image suddenly comes to my attention and I’ll excitedly push the project to the top of my sewing list.

final patties (2)

What advice can you offer to novice sewers who would like to use vintage patterns?

Be sure to check the sizing when purchasing vintage patterns. Most are only sold in one size per envelope. Unlike modern patterns where you get a range of sizes on one sheet of paper and can cut different sizes depending in your measurements, you don’t get that flexibility with the older patterns.

Vintage patterns also tend to be smaller – I’m normally a size 12 in the current sizing but in vintage patterns I’m a 12 or 14. It depends on what year the pattern was made and what company. A lot of the pattern makers went through a new sizing change in the mid-60s so there’s not a lot of consistency from one year to the next.

Also be careful when opening up patterns that aren’t in their “factory folds” as they can tear easily. If you want to make adjustments to the pattern it’s better to trace of a new piece on tracing paper rather than cutting up a precious vintage pattern!

And lastly the best place to find your first vintage pattern is at the op shop. There are usually gems hidden in the boxes for around 50c each and these are probably better to start with rather than accidently ruining a special one you bought on the internet. And look for “Jiffy” and learn to sew patterns as these are usually very quick and easy to make for beginners

tuffin5 bs

How has blogging about your experiences in sewing 60’s garments opened the vintage community to you?

As I mentioned earlier, there were always plenty of 40s and 50s bloggers around and I sort of started to think that I was out of place in the vintage community. Blogging about the 60s has made me realize there are lots of 60s lovers too and some even like multiple decades! I’d love to bring the 60s up to a similar level of adoration as the previous years and help bring out the other aspects of the era other than just the idea of Mad Men or hippies at Woodstock!

I definitely feel more part of the vintage community now that I know other people enjoy it as much as I do! Whether you’re writing about one era or the other, vintage sewers tend to appreciate each other’s technical skills and dedication to historical accuracy regardless if it’s 1860s or 1960s. Websites like We Sew Retro are great for sharing and getting to see styles from all years even if you don’t normally visit the posters blog.

I haven’t been to a Vintage show yet, but I know I’ll no longer feel out of place in my psychedelic tent dress among all the beautiful ladies in their tea dresses and victory rolls!

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All images by Catherine / Sewing in the 60’s



Interview with Solanah of Vixen Vintage

 Based in Washington DC with her husband Solanah has a penchant for cats, hats and period murder mystery’s and an incredible eye for creating striking outfits topped with the perfect accessories, hairstyles and makeup. With her eye catching ( currently ) pink hair Solanah style has firmly cemented her as one of the vintage scenes top vintage bloggers. You can visit her blog here.
Pattern 1
1. What or who inspired your love of vintage?

I grew up with it somewhat, as my aunt and sister-in-law wore it when I was little. It was just normal for me, so it was a natural style for me to adopt.


2. Can you describe your personal style and is there any particular period influencing your choices at the moment?

I love the 1940s, the casual look is especially influential. I find images of female workers during WWII inspiring for style, as their clothing was practical and, I think, beautiful.

3. What are your must haves for putting together your daily look?

I mostly wear wide legged slacks and cotton blouses, as I’m home a lot, but color is something I love playing with. The 1940s had such bold colors it’s fun to accessorize with bright bakelite and headscarves.Leopard 1
 4. We all have our special vintage pieces, is there any item in your wardrobe that holds a special place in your heart?
There’s a dress that’s been in my family for about 30 years, I think of it as “the perfect dress”. It’s a 1950s frock, in salmon and white, and the shape and fit are so perfect I wish I had ten of them in different colors. It was been in the wardrobes of my aunt, sister-in-law, mother, and myself, and I’m sure will be passed on again and again.

5. How has your love for vintage created opportunities for you?

It inspired me to start me blog, Vixen Vintage, about four years ago, and that opens so many doors for making friends and meeting people in vintage culture. It’s a small world, and it’s nice to have connections around the globe!
Oct fall 043
You can read more in Issue 3 of Glory Days online and subscribe for regular issues via the Glory Days website.

Interview with Marianne of Esme and the laneway

I’m a frequent contributing writer for a variety of publications and one of my favorites is New Zealand’s Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Glory Days. Each issue I interview well known vintage bloggers, models ,stylists etc for the Networth feature and in issue two I got to chat with the lovely Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.

blue yellow scarf brooch b (2)

This English Rose originally hails from London but now calls Melbourne home with her Husband and babycat. Renown for her vintage style and enviable dress collection Marianne documents her Melbourne life via beautifully shot images, outfit posts and daily events.

Marianne you have an amazing wardrobe of dresses, how many do you own and if you could choose your top two which pieces would they be?

Thank you! Hmmm, I’ll make a guess at 30 that are/will be in high rotation at the moment. For a while now I’ve said that my red and pink 1950s party dress – chopped and de-bowed before I got it – was a favourite, and it still is in my top 5, but I think it is time to shine the light on some new ones. I love my coral, white and olive striped and floral sundress, and the powder blue colour of my fitted wool dress that I’m yet to wear. It’s SO hard to choose, though! I like to be strict with what I buy, and, even with their faults and flaws, only pick dresses that I really love. I also have a 1940’s blouse that I love but didn’t wear enough of when I got it last winter, as I didn’t know what to wear it with, but I’ve found a lot of things that will be perfect for it. I just need to imagine it actually being cold enough to wear wool now!

Are there any particular era’s that inspire you and how do you incorporate these into your day to day style?

My favourite eras are the 1930s to the first half of the 1960s, and I find something from each era within that time. 1930’s dresses with their puffed sleeves, swishing about my ankles and cut on the bias are so romantic; I just love the bold colour combinations and strong look of the 1940s, and the 1950s and early 1960s sundresses are beautiful and incredibly practical for living in a hot climate. I have been growing my collection of these sundresses because they are perfect for the long hot summer here in Melbourne, and easy to care for – I just put them in the washing machine with everything else. I cannot wait for winter though, as colder weather is my favourite. I have some early 1960s fitted wool dresses that I can’t wait to wear! I also want to wear a lot more hats this winter, especially 1930s and 1940s tilt ones – and 1950’s ones too, actually!

coral and green a (2)

You have been a successful blogger for over 4 ½ years what advice can you give to aspiring bloggers

Ha ha well I don’t know how successful I would say I am! I think there is definitely a way to be successful in a business sense, but to be honest I prefer to blog about what I love and find interesting and I am chuffed and feel lucky that my readers like that too. I would advise new bloggers to simply write about what they love. Taking good, clear photos is not easy but will always help, but you don’t need a fancy camera to do this to begin with, just experiment with whatever you have and then you can upgrade when you need to in the future. I always want to improve and share more, and make you feel as though you were there with me for something. Always stick to what you love though – it shouldn’t be a chore but something to look forward to! And find what works for you; I find that posting often helps me as if I leave it too long I get a kind of stage fright. I also find it more enjoyable to do smaller posts more often, but this is something I am always working on and finding out what feels best, and it changes all the time too.

Where do you like to source items for your wardrobe and can you recommend any great vintage shopping places in Melbourne?

A lot of my vintage has come from online – Etsy in particular – and I were lucky enough to find some vintage in Melbourne’s op shops and garage sales. This has been very rare though! Retail has changed a lot here recently and it’s hard to keep up with all the vintage shops. There are several in the city and you just have to go often, and be lucky! I do love Clara Fox in North Fitzroy, a small and perfectly stuffed vintage shop on St Georges Rd.

Thanks so much Marianne for Chatting with me for Glory Days Magazine and to Glory Days for allowing me to share this interview with you all. If you are interested in subscribing to Glory Days Magazine you can visit here.



Going Up Country Fashion Spread

Issue 8 of Glory Days Magazine released yesterday to high appraise for its Country Issue featuring the talented and always lovely Tami Neilson on the cover. I was asked to collaborate with Michelle of Debonaire Do’s to style and produce the “Going up Country” Fashion Spread ( pg 25-29). We shot at the beautiful award winning Olde Creamery in Ohaupo – famous for its high tea experience and beautiful surroundings.

Sweet Painted Lady Hair and Makeup Artistry

Our models were local talent Monique and Waimihi , they were beautifully captured by Tony of Handcrafted Stories.

Monique Sweet – Hair and Makeup/ styling by myself / The Sweet Painted Lady

Waimihi- Hair and Makeup/ styling by Michelle of Debonaire Dos

The shoot featured local designers from the Waikato Region:

You can purchase your copy here or at local stockists

If you are interested in styling/ Hair and Makeup with the Sweet Painted Lady then your very welcome to email me on rosinadezign@hotmail for competitive rates.



Style Icon: Daphne Guinness




Source: 1234, 5, 6, 7

I went to the local Hamilton library today and this stunning creature was staring back at me !I could resist grabbing her and bring her home to devour later!

Daphne Guinness ~ Socialite, designer, editor, model, stylist, mother to four ,couture collector, Muse to Karl Largerfeld, Valentino and the late Alexander McQueen, style Icon, bold, fearless and unique!  In 2010 she bought the entire wardrobe of the late Isabella Blow, in her own words, to “prevent Issie’s possessions from becoming mere morbid memorabilia…to preserve it.”


Daily Outfit

Not the best pic but I love that Corvan made a cameo
Last week I picked this dress up from the lovely Monique after we did a swap for a 50’s skirt I had. Mon told me it came from her grandmothers collection which makes me love it more now that I know its back ground. Corvan and I headed out for our weekly thrift and coffee and I was stopped a few time by strangers to say ” you look like a picture, Don’t you look colourful!, I love your look and one gentleman who told me I looked precious” Made my day , nice change from half the comments that seem to fall out of peoples mouths these days.
Daily Outfit:
Dress: Vintage 50’s from Monique
Belt: No idea, seems like I have had it for ever
Head scarf: Thrifted
Earrings: Gift from the my brother and sister in law
Slip: Vintage – I love the colour and its a nice pop against the dress as the front opens a little high at the bottom button.
Photo: Corvan chose his first toy proud its an original sunshine carebear, is that his first retro purchase
Corvan picked his first toy today as well! I heard him say teddy! turned around and he had his eyes on a original Sunshine care bear! His first retro purchase and it was only $2!