My Style: Vintage Summer Dress

Its always a thrill to find distinctive clothing and some of the best pieces I’ve found are from local op-shops and vintage stores. One of my favorite places to shop in Hamilton in the Recycle Boutique on Grey Street. I love the variety there and I always find a great mix of designer and vintage clothing. Finding good novelty piece has been on my wishlist for a while. And in this Kerry McGee dress is perfect with its “Colorful Colorado” print on it.

Shopping Vintage Dresses

Initially I was disheartened when I saw the dress on the rack as it was labeled Size 8 and I fluctuate between a 10 and a 12. However, I had to remember that today’s vanity sizing is not the same as vintage and retro sizing. A 1950’s/60’s size 16 will fit a 10/12,in this case Terry McGee’s 90’s dress in a size 8 was a perfect fit! Remember if you love it on the rack, try it on! You may find it fits!

The Dress

Shopping Vintage Dresses

I paired the dress with some Maguba of Sweden wooden clogs. I cant wait to wear them with tights this Winter.

Share with us your favourite op-shop or vintage finds! They can be from Etsy, Trademe, a relative or the local Hospice down the road. I would love to hear about them


My Style: Mansfield Garden Picnic

Amy and I attended the Hamilton Gardens ” Mansfield Picnic” last month. This provided a great opportunity to style an outfit influenced by the Deco era! In this instance I selected a great tropical vintage maxi dress, pairing it with a classic straw boater hat. I styled my hair into a some classic 30’s waves and framed my face with large, flat pin-curls.

My makeup was 30’s inspired and I decided to go for the natural flushed look. Placing emphasis on my cheeks, rounding my brows in 30’s style and a rose soft lip. A nice soft look that translates well in modern day.

We were fortunate to run into our friend David Rowe who then invited us into the Italian gardens for a photo shoot.

Deco Style

Deco Style


Deco Style

Deco Styling

Amy’s Style

Style Shoot

Style Shoot

All images David Rowe Photography.


My Style: Weekend Outfits

Welcome to “My Style”! Featuring my latest weekend outfits. For those who didn’t know, I wear a black uniform during the week so my outfit focus is on the weekends and events. Lately I have been focusing on evolving my personal style and ejecting more colour and print into my wardrobe.

What I’ve been Wearing

I recently came across New Zealand company Oli & Gus on Facebook and fell in love with all the bright colours options available.   I fell in love with this hot pink and blue sequin knit, adding a pink tassel necklace from Louisa, paired with Glassons pants and leather lace-ups.

Sunday Shoot

This Month I changed my hairstyle! I wanted the versatility of a edgy bob and for a little funk I opted for a cheeky side cut.

Dress: Vintage Italian Boater Hat

Amy and I had a grand time at the Katherine Mansfield Picnic held at Hamilton Gardens. We visited the event, caught up with some friends  and then escaped the heat into the gardens with photographer David Rowe for an impromptu shoot. More on that soon.

Dress: Augustine by Kelly Cole Fitted pants: Glassons

I accidentally poisoned my skin and as a result have a nasty case of allergic dermatitis so loose clothing has been my recent choice to help slow the urge to itch ( fail ) Thank goodness the weather is cooling and I can cover up without overheating.


My Style: Holidays, Weekends and Artist Trails

Beach Style

Wearing: Augustine by Kelly Cole, Necklace: Vintage remix by myself

January has been a whirl wind month with our family making the most of the long weekends to get away between clients and festivals. The New Year saw us heading to coastal Opotiki where I  styled hair for a gorgeous 50’s inspired wedding. While we were  in Opotiki we enjoyed the beautiful beaches, relaxed ,read a book or two and did not much!

I picked up this relaxed dress in the Augustine Boxing Day sale. I was attracted to the bold pink, print and the contrasting stripes on the cuff. It turned out to be the perfect choice for lounging around at the beach and traveling. In the winter I will layer it with leggings, boots and my leather jacket.

Casual Style

When I’m in holiday mode I tend to lean towards more relaxed styling with bright and quirky elements.

Wearing: Vintage 70s skirt, worn as a dress

When I saw this printed wrap skirt out thrifting I couldn’t resist it and with the right wrapping, pinning and belting I knew it would make a great summer dress. I like clothing that provides options in my wardrobe and its fun to look at a skirt or shirt and think of new ways to wear it.

Weekend Daily Style

Weekend Style

I spent last weekend on the Raglan Artist Studio Tour with Amy, checking out local art and meeting some local creatives. Amy made me a beautiful porcelain cactus necklace for my birthday so I found some fabric to complement it and sewed my first top in 15 years….don’t judge the stitch !

Weekend Style
Wearing: Homemade top, Necklace: Amy Jansen Leen, Skirt: Vintage. Belt: Farmers Sandals: Nova
Pottery Jewelry Style
Necklace by Amy Jansen Leen

Those are my favorite holiday looks for January, what are your favourite holiday outfits? If you want to share the images, pop your instagram handle below! I would love to check them out.




Style Evolution – Bold, Colour and Vintage

Over the past couple of months I have found myself on a style evolution! You may have noticed on my Instagram feed that I have been incorporating more modern clothing styles into my daily look and brightening up my wardrobe. One friend expressed concern that I didn’t seem to be interested in vintage anymore and was I going through a phase? In short -No, I still adore vintage and retro style but I’m a firm believer that like the evolution of vintage, style and fashion you can mix and mingle vintage styling with more contemporary and modern looks.

Bright colours and interesting prints make me happy, just looking at them makes my heart sing and my soul glow! I surround myself in it with my choices of art, decor, books etc and now I’m taking the plunge, pushing myself and expressing it more in my clothing choices. You could say this is my 2017 new years intention. Dressing with intent, living in colour and pushing my boundaries.

“Life is too short & unpredictable not to live exactly as you please” Diana Vreeland

Vintage Style Dress

I found this 60’s dress at a local vintage store in Hamilton and cinched it with a scarf from my collection.My little boy was only to happy and amused to lend my his watering can to accompany my accessories.

Vintage Style Yellow Heels


 ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

Have you made any style evolution’s recently?



Fashion in the Field 2016 Outfit

Every year the ladies and I head to the December Fashion in the Field held at Te Rapa Racecourse to frock up and enjoy a ladies day out!This year I decided to to go a little brighter and bolder in my outfit choice, mixing Turquoise, Yellow and Cersie.

Fashion in the Feild

Liesl, Amy and I, aka The Style Mafia


My outfit selection was from already existing items in my wardrobe with accessories brought and borrowed to pull it together.

Dress: Dixiefried by Pinup Couture

Jacket: Vintage Blue Lamé

Belt – Pulled and cut to fit from an existing skirt.

Yellow Patent Heels: NZ Sale

Gold Chain: Borrowed from Amy

Vintage Floral Earrings : Borrowed from Liesl.

Bespoke Hat by Amy Jansen Leen Millinery – Fabric Forager.

Daily Outfit


My shoes were purchased extremely last minute the night before.



Weekend Style

I enjoy dressing up in the weekend as I wear a dark uniform during the week and recently I have enjoyed mixing up my style a little.

A little bit of vintage, modern, pinup….what ever takes my fancy.

Tiger Lily ootd

I had a busy day in the sun on Saturday so decided to relax a little at the Christmas markets in my favourite pantsuit.

Pantsuit: Tiger Lily from The Recycle Boutique on Grey Street

Wedges: Thrifted

Hat: The Warehouse


I have had this necklace for years. It was gifted to me by a lovely lady ( and she was an old  fashioned Lady ) Nelleka who received it as a gift in the 60’s.

Swirl Dress

I’m a huge fan of the vintage label ” Swirl” Began in the 1940’s as a house wives pinafore dress for ease of wear. They come in a variety of styles and now inspire a variety of repo brands and vintage sew-a-longs. I scored this floral beauty on Trade Me.

Blonde Pinup

Pinup Style

I was on fairy duties for works children’s Christmas party so I wanted to dress light for the Summer weather and use the top as part of my pink inspired costume.

Top: Collectif from Kitty Rose Boutique

Skirt: Vintage wrap around from Trade me



I love Augustine by Kelly Coe and could’nt go past this gorgeous floral maxi from her Summer collection. I recently presented a workshop on sensory garden for infants and toddlers , this dress was the perfect to present in and I felt like a goddess!


What is your favourite weekend Style?


Floral delight – Vintage House Coat

1940's House coat

It officially feels like Spring here in Hamilton, the tree’s are full of blossoms and I’m starting to switch my wardrobe to lighter delights. I picked up this vintage house coat last year from Remains To Be Scene here in Hamilton and plan to use it once the weather gets warmer. House coats are perfect for relaxing around the house in or teamed with a light maxi dress as a duster coat in the evenings.


It has lots of lovely detailing; ruffles, lace and bows….oh my!


and of course anything floral will always be a winner in my books.





Ch Ch Changes | Hair lightening journey

Collectif Pinup NZ

Pinup NZ

Vintage Hair Pinup NZ

Pinup NZ

They say blondes have more fun and I have always been a fan of the classic blonde look especially when it comes to classic vintage bombshells. I decided to take the plunge and move towards blonde though instead of plunging head first into a box of peroxide ( learning from my youth ) I am taking the gentle approach. My hair dresser Sheree produces lovely colour work so when I approached her with the idea we decided to change my hair colour via several stages of foils. After two full sets ( 5 weeks apart ) I’m already look lighter and my hair is in fantastic condition. I cant wait to see the final result!


Recent Outfits – March

Phew the the last couple of months have been really busy with weddings every weekend, meeting lots of lovely brides and helping them achieve the perfect look for their wedding. The season is now coming to a close so I can resume some regular posting! Yay!. I thought I would share my recent outfits, again if you follow me on instagram you will be familiar with them. ( Apologies for the instagram quality )

Atomic swag T shirt from Kitty Rose Couture and Kustomville Jeans
Atomic swag T shirt from Kitty Rose Couture and Kustomville Jeans
Dangerfield Blouse, Freddies of Pinwood Jeans and Retro Resins brooch
Dangerfield Blouse, Freddies of Pinewood Jeans and Retro Resins brooch


Viv of Halloway Gypsy top and Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
Viv of Halloway Gypsy top and Freddies of Pinewood Jeans


Vintage ruffle top, Viv of Halloway pencil skirt
Vintage ruffle top, Viv of Halloway pencil skirt

Look out for my review of the Besame Decades of Fragrance set ont he blog this week!