Hands, The Extension of Your Heart

Pre-post warning -This post contains images from hand surgery.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of years now. I was filled with conflicted feelings about the situation and its taken over two years now to feel at peace with it. In 2015 We had two gorgeous dogs whom loved each other very much for four years and for some un-explained reason they went through a intense period of fighting.* Long story short; my two girls went at it and I thought with my heart, tried to separate them ( I know..) and received a bite to my right hand. This all happened within a space of a few minutes.

In a space of 24 hours I went to the doctors, a few hours later A&E and then at one am in the morning I was in surgery with a very nasty case of Cellulitis. My hand had swollen, was bright red , I had red lines tracking up my arm and the lymph nodes under my arm were sore. I had a serious infection. The surgeon explained that she needed to clean out my hand and that if it was under my fingers pulleys then I was at risk of loosing some fingers. I panicked! I automatically thought of my bridal client that weekend ( thank goodness for hair and makeup friends), my day job and how it was going to effect me, hubby and our son! Scenarios where playing out through my head but oddly I started to feel calm as there was nothing I could do about it.

The surgeon did a amazing job. She explained that it was quiet messy in there and as you can see in the second photo she thought she was going to head into the fingers. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. Six weeks followed of extensive hand therapy and splints and I now have full mobility of my hand.

Long story short; be grateful for every little movement your hands make. For the art your create, the loved ones you embrace, every button you unbutton or coffee cup you lift. The unspoken language they speak as an extension of your heart – your humble hands

xx Melanie


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