Want to Know When to Use Skin Serums?

Recently, I had a client ask me what skin serums are and should she be using them instead of moisturizer or in conjunction with them? The answer is BOTH, depending on your skin type.

Serums are very popular at the moment and are a lightweight lotion that penetrates deep into the skin. Serums are often infused with active ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C and Glycolic acid . Skin serums can help with: hyper-pigmentation, fine lines,firming skin, smoothing skin and calming sensitive skin. Most are water based and a few drops will go along way on your face.

Antipodes Super Fruit Skin Serum

I have recently purchased Antipodes Worship Super-fruit Antioxidant Serum and have been using it daily in my skincare routine. I selected this to help with my fine lines and to fade some of my sun damage. There are many options available and I recommend exploring the benefits of each and selecting what is best for your skin.

My Skincare Routine, including Serums

I suffered cystic acne as a teen with scaring and have developed sensitive skin over the years.Therefore I try to keep my skincare as natural as possible to avoid flare ups.

  1. Cleanse – I use a non foaming cleansing gel.
  2. Tone – My favourite is a few light sprays of rose water.
  3. Facial Serum – Morning and night
  4. Moisturizer.
  5. Sunblock

Moisturizer comes after serum as its heavier. If you have oily skin then you can try forgoing the moisturizer after applying serum. I would love to hear about the products your using or your experiences with serums!



3 thoughts on “Want to Know When to Use Skin Serums?

  1. I love this serum!!! I have been using it day and night instead of a moisturiser (I have oily skin) and my skin damage and acne scars have faded dramatically over the last 6 months. There are different types for different results but I love the antipodes ones 🙂

  2. Yay! I have noticed changes as well in my skin tone and scarring. Good to have some extra nourishment for our skin when we are often outside alot 🙂

  3. This sounds amazing! Despite having oily skin I still need moisturiser, it definitely helps make my makeup sit better and last longer on my face. I used to use a Vitamin C serum, but had to give that up as I started tretinoin for my persistent acne 🙁

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