My Style: Vintage Summer Dress

Its always a thrill to find distinctive clothing and some of the best pieces I’ve found are from local op-shops and vintage stores. One of my favorite places to shop in Hamilton in the Recycle Boutique on Grey Street. I love the variety there and I always find a great mix of designer and vintage clothing. Finding good novelty piece has been on my wishlist for a while. And in this Kerry McGee dress is perfect with its “Colorful Colorado” print on it.

Shopping Vintage Dresses

Initially I was disheartened when I saw the dress on the rack as it was labeled Size 8 and I fluctuate between a 10 and a 12. However, I had to remember that today’s vanity sizing is not the same as vintage and retro sizing. A 1950’s/60’s size 16 will fit a 10/12,in this case Terry McGee’s 90’s dress in a size 8 was a perfect fit! Remember if you love it on the rack, try it on! You may find it fits!

The Dress

Shopping Vintage Dresses

I paired the dress with some Maguba of Sweden wooden clogs. I cant wait to wear them with tights this Winter.

Share with us your favourite op-shop or vintage finds! They can be from Etsy, Trademe, a relative or the local Hospice down the road. I would love to hear about them


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  1. Oh my god that dress is gorgeous! I’m very jealous of the find. My latest find was a 1930s dark green dress with sleeves and gold detailing on the collar from Etsy which I am rather in love with.

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