My 5 Minute Natural Makeup Look.

We all have those mornings where we are pressed for time but still wanting to look presentable at work. While navigating around getting myself and our son ready I attempt to schedule some time to do my makeup and feel good about myself for the day. Here is my 5 minute Natural Makeup Look.

5 Minute Natural Makeup


I try to moisturize as soon as I get up to allow time for it to soak in and then follow with foundation. I like to wear a lighter coverage at work so use a small amount of Estee Lauder Double Wear to even out my skin tone. You could use CC cream for a lighter alternative.

Once I have finished my foundation I use MACS Mineralize Concealer to cover any under-eye darkness. Mineralize is great as it extra hydrating and doesn’t settle in the creases of my under eye.


Next, I add a little warmth to my skin tone with Ben Bye Carnation Pink Creme Rouge, gently blending it into my cheeks. You can build the colour up in small quantity and a creme rouge keeps the skin looking extra hydrated.

Set it

Invest in a great setting powder. I  set my foundation base with Paris Berlin loose translucent powder and a large powder brush, This helps hold your foundation for the day.


I always fill in my brows to frame my face, even if I bypass my foundation having my brows filled I feel more groomed. I have tried a variety of products over the years and my current favourite is MAC Dirty Blonde Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. I like that you can use a little for a more natural look or build up for more definition.Fill your brows in following the direction of your hair.

I use a natural vanilla eyeshadow from my Crown Over Exposed Pallette to open my eye and use MAC Texture Velvet in the crease. I give the illusion of open eyes by using Rimmels Eye Definer in nude on my lower water line, you could also use white.

Don’t forget to your eyes off with mascara. I finish my eyes off with Nutrimetics Dramatic Lash and then I’m done!

Natural Makeup


I wear a natural lip at work, occasionally switching it up for a berry or red. I line my lips in Smashbox in Nude followed by the hydrating NARS Dolce Vita. Using lip liner under your gloss or lipstick will help it last the day.

If I have more time in morning I will add liner to my look and a bolder lip.

I would love to hear your morning makeup routine and your favourite tips.

Share them in the comments.




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