Those Thirty Something Hormones….You Know What I’m Talking About!

Thirty Something Hormones

Are you in your Thirties? I used cringe when people asked me how old I was. Cheekily laughing and saying in my Thirties, like it was something to be ashamed off…you know …kinda old. These days I wear it with pride and I happily turned Thirty Five in January. Old enough to think I know better, with a little more life skills, some money to play with when needed. While still looking forward to crawling into bed at a reasonable hour with a cup of tea.

But, I cant be the only one who feels like they go to the doctors with a list and leaves with a shopping bag? Most recently I have noticed all kinds of skewey things happening to my body. Skin breaking out like my 90’s teenager self, dry patches, spontaneous raging pre and post period , bloating and the list goes on.

When I discussed this with my doctor he told me ” oh its probably a hormone imbalanceFun! – Now I experienced a  pretty decent hormone imbalance three months after having my son. I had stopped breast feeding and my body became a foreign person. Again, break outs and a pretty decent amount of hair loss, so much that I could grab handfuls out in the shower and had to cut my hair short.

When I investigated this further I could identify with quiet a few of a hormone imbalance  symptoms:
  • Persistent weight gain – also not helped my love of a good steak n cheese pie, only its a little harder to get off.
  • Belly fat and loss of muscle mass – I call this my mama belly
  • Low libido -which starts with disturbed sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia and poor sleep patterns – also called motherhood?
  • Sweating
  • Digestion problems – includes bloating – I have identified that gluten is not my friend…..bye bye steak and cheese pie.

I have started to get this hormone imbalance under control by now taking Women’s Hormone Support to adjust my Estrogen Levels, Evening Primrose Oil and after reading Dr Libbys new book, my diet!

I would love to know what your hormone imbalance stories, what you have found that works..or doesn’t and generally getting you talking about them so you don’t feel like you are the only one experiencing them….your not!


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