LUSH Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask Review

Lush Rosy Cheeks Review

Hands up if the Summer heat is sucking the moisture out of your skin? I’m certainly noticing that with the heat and a mid 30’s hormone surge ( more on that later ) that my skins pores are gasping for moisture at the moment.

I wandered into LUSH  during late night shopping , was approached by a helpful Lushette ( is that a term? I quiet like it ) and I quickly told her I was seeking a moisturizing face mask that wouldn’t agitate my hormonal and sensitive skin ( I sound like I have a angsty teen on my hands ). Lushette proceeded to demonstrate the benefits of Rosy Cheeks face mask on my hand and Catastrope Cosmetic, generously layering them on, explaining their benefits and washing them off to revel the results. I must admit I liked the smoothing effect of Rosy Cheeks and was already taken at the thought of the rosy scent. I was also excited about the masks being made fresh.

A++ to Lush Hamilton for excellent customer service.

Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

The Mask.

Rosy Cheeks comes in a handy 60g pot, retails for $16.50 and you are advised to keep it in the fridge due to the nature of the ingredients. An additional benefit is your mask is chilled and it is a welcome reprieve on a hot summers evening. Described as a soothing mask that calms redness in your skin and balances it out.


List of ingredients


The mask is quiet thick and a little hard to spread. I warm it up between my fingers to make it more malleable. The mask dries quiet firm and releases a light rose scent, you will need to have a firm wash to remove the mask. I have some pronounced pores and find it settles into them as its drying. The final result is smooth skin and my pores are a little more settled. I do follow with a night cream for added moisture.

Would I purchase again?

Yes, I have been using Rosy Cheeks on a weekly basis and have not had any reactions, its particularly soothing after a day in the garden or the outside.

Additional Bonus

LUSH runs a 5 pot recycling scheme. Bring in 5 pots and receive on fresh mask free!


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