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Image by Ryans Daughter Photography
Image by Ryans Daughter Photography

I have this little gem of  a book called “Housekeeping Hints with Heloise’s”, printed in 1964 in provides helpful hints to make managing a household easier. Now my strengths may not lie in keeping a perfect household ( I envy those who do ) but there are some great tips for keeping your vintage collections in tip-top condition.

Here are some personal favorite:

  • Clean your costume jewelry and make it sparkle again by soaking it in a small bowl full of rubbing alcohol. ( Hydrogen Peroxide ) Soak for a few minutes to remove the tarnish and give it a wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Do you collect vintage hats? Iron the veils of your hats between waxed paper . The wax in the paper will restore the crispness. Steaming your hats will also restore shape and fabric flowers.
  • Having trouble drying your crinoline petticoats? Place them over an open umbrella!
  • Pilling rubbing you the wrong way on your vintage cardigans? Shave them with a lint razor, these can be found at Spotlight. Wash your favorite cardigans and sweaters inside out to avoid fabric rubbing.

Do you have any clever tips you use to get the best out of your wardrobe?


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