How to get the most out of your ( my ) mornings!

I’m comfortable admitting that I am NOT a morning person, I procrastinate to the bitter end and I’m sure my hubby will readily attest to this. While I do admit I’m a terrible morning person; I do enjoy the feeling of getting ready in the morning, doing my hair and makeup, picking accessories and adding some interest to my work uniform.

This week I have laid down the personal challenge of getting up ahead of time, taking time to have breakfast ( a small miracle ) , getting dressed ( really dressed! ) for the day and enjoy my mornings more!

Anne Miller , c 1945
Anne Miller , c 1945

Personal challenges of course are more likely to be achieved when broken into manageable and measurable steps. My steps are:

  1. Start my day with my favourite music – I find music incredibly uplifting, I sing all day in my classroom and at home.
  2. Enjoy a good coffee and a cooked breakfast. – I don’t enjoy cereals but love my weekend poached eggs so will endeavor to
  3. Plan my accessories and outfit. I’m required to wear a set uniform so have to add my own personal flair and touches.
  4. Prioritize what needs to be done -Finding enjoyment in my new morning rhythm while gtetting what I need to do done.
  5. Minimal social media – my procrastination downfall!

What are some of your tips for getting up early and getting the most out of your mornings?


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