Building wall to floor shelving

Brent and I have been working on the house and I have always coveted floor to ceiling shelving. We already knew the perfect space to put them so a month ago we finally started putting them in! Our inspiration for our house is Scandinavian / Danish Mid-Century but instead of white we opted for the light wood to add warmth to the room. The same wood will be used in our kitchen remodel.

To begin with we taped up the design on the wall and listed off what we wanted. It needed to encompass our tv, stereo, books and some of our collections.


Brent made the unit in three sections and slotted them together.


I got a little impatient and wanted to fill them 🙂


Complete! and now I got to fill it with all our pretties.


Styled and ready to go! There is room for more books or our growing collections ( shame ) and of course I will be constantly tweaking.

Lady Head Vases

German pottery


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