The Ultimate Curl Guide – Part Three – Hard Setting

Welcome back to The Ultimate Curl Guide! I’m running a little late this week as hubby and I have both injured our backs ( separate events ) and have been wallowing in our aches and pains.  The last two posts explore the curl achieved in a Hot Roller Set and a Pin Curl Set, this week we are doing a hard set! What is is hard set you ask?  Hard setting is when you use a heated tool such as a curling tong or flat iron to achieve curls in dry hair. This is the most commonly favored and fastest method to use for setting.

Heat setting


My tool of choice is the H2D 5x Curling Wand and its my favourite as it comes with five different wand options and you can adjust the heat to your hair type.

While my curling iron is heating up I spray a thermal protection spray on my hair to prevent it from drying out and give my hair a light brush. Instead of setting lotion I use a light spray of hair spray before a wrapped each section around the wand.

Curling tong Curl

My curling iron has no clip on the barrel so I have to be careful when wrapping my section around the barrel to not burn myself. When wrapping each section around try to make each section no thicker than the barrel ( wand ) you are using and try not to twist your hair as it is wrapped around as it warps your curl. To avoid dry ends and maintain healthier hair start wrapping your hair from midway up   your hair section and not from the ends.

heat set

For this particular set I have set the crown on base for volume and and then rolled them into flat pin-curls for the rest of my head. Pin your curls into place and allow the curls to cool.

Heat set pinup

Once the curls are cool ( I had lunch and a cup of tea ) take your pins out! The curls are nice a springy, have a nice gloss to them and now you can start styling. If you see a nice wave forming lock it into place with some pin-curl or duck bill clips and spray with hairspray.

Pinup Sets

Remove final clips, spray and your done. Hard setting is an easy method of setting and if you are want to revamp your look to go out at night  its easy to grab your irons and pop some extra curls in!


Edit** Ignore the poor evening lighting, this is the results after amping up the volume and smoothing the waves.

Next Ultimate Curl Guide will focus on a sponge roller set.


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