The Ultimate Curl Guide – Hot Roller Set.

Love the look and idea of vintage hair? Not sure what tool does what and what the outcome will be? I have put together a curl guide to demonstrate what the outcome will be from various tools. I had decided that I was going to do this all in one post until I realized how much of a large undertaking it would be, so I have adapted it into a six post series! Phew!

  • Hot Roller Set
  • Pin Curl Set
  • Rag Roller Set
  • Pillow Roller Set
  • Sponge Roller Set
  • Hard Set ( use of curling tongs )

Hot Roller Setting

A roller set is achieved when rollers are heated on a electrical base and are then wound into dry hair and left to cool, creating a curled do. You will see below that rollers can be secured with a variety of clips and they also come in in small, medium and large.

Hot roller pieces

Effects will vary depending on your hair length and thickness of hair. Like all sets a setting product or curl enhancing product is recommended. I have spritzed Lindy Charm Schools setting lotion on my dry hair before rolling each section and I lightly spray with hair spray before letting it cool.

Hot Roller Set

After the rollers have cooled down, remove the rollers gently. The results in mid length hair are springy, soft curls. If you have short hair then it may look like my bangs in the front.

Hot Roller Set results

The first image is after running my fingers through the curls and the final two are the set softly brushed out and the curls coaxed into place. A hot roller set often results in nice soft, glossy curls that slowly drop during the day. In my experience ( on my hair ) the curls last a day and the following day I have lovely wavy hair. ( results may vary depending on hair type )

Hot roller set styled

Look out for part two : Pin Curl set in the Ultimate Curl Guide out next Monday!


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