Besame Decades of Fragrance

“Lizbeths gloved hand brushed over the vanity seeking out the red and gold case hidden among the talc’s, rogues and brushes. Easing the lid of she caressed each golden vial, pausing to twist, sniff and ponder on what her evening would hold? The Cotton Club, jazz and seduction? Head tilted, toe tapping Lizbeth pursed her lips before selecting and concealing one golden vial in the pocket of her purse…..1930’s”.

Image by Miss T Pinups
Image by Miss T Pinups

I’m a long time customer of Besame and their quality cosmetics so when I heard they had released fragrance  range ” Decades of Fragrance” I was intrigued. Further research indicated I couldn’t get it in NZ , selling out frequently so I waited patiently in hopes someone would stock it! I was thrilled when 19Black announced they would be getting a small shipment in so I promptly put one on hold.

The fragrances ( yes there are 6! ) come encased in the signature red and gold colours of Besame Cosmetics. Each gold vial contains a roll on perfume stamped with a corresponding era ranging from the 1910’s-1960’s in red. I’m really impressed with the quality of the vials, initially I thought they were plastic but they are a glass and have a lovely gloss and weight to them.

Besame Decades of Fragrance

Besame spent 6 years developing their fragrance range and each vial contains its own distinctive scent. My top two picks are 1930’s and 1940’s. I found the 50’s and 60’s become more flowery in scent , the 1910s and 20’s are more woody in undertones.

1930’s characteristics are: 

Marlene Dietrich, cigarette and seduction, 1930s Oriental

Top notes: mandarin, cinnamon, clarysage

Heart notes: tobacco, heliotrope, lavender

Base notes: vanilla, cedar wood, musks

1940’s Characteristics are:

After prohibition, NYC jazz club, 1940s Aromatic, Floral, Ambery

Top notes: bergamot, cognac, davana

Heart notes: rose, clove, labdanum

Base notes: sandal wood, amber, benzoin

Something about 1940’s gives me a tingle and brings me back to my childhood, I have yet to put my finger on it but I find myself drawn to it so it is currently my obvious favourite.

The scents are lovely and mild for everyday wear, you will need to top it up after 2/3 hours as it fades. The vials are perfect to popping in your clutch for work or an evening out.

19Black have some Decades of Fragrance’s available on their site here.



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