Pimp your head scarf!

Pinup head scarfs

I wear a head scarf most days and have an extensive collection of nylon, silk and cotton scarfs! You could say I’m somewhat addicted to them. I have put together a few fun looks to add some fun to your look. Enjoy xx

Look One

Two Pinup Head Scarfs

Why wear one head scarf when you can wear two! Use the same colours for added omph or use contrasting colours to make it pop!

Look Two

Pinup Head Scarf

Pull the top layer of your second scarf over, wrap it around your bows and tuck under. Viola! Toy have a super cute turban and a great way to preserve your beehive or pin curls.

Look Three

Pinup scarves with flowers

Tie a basic bow, add a cute flower using the base to secure it too. But wait! MORE IS MORE! Add some larger hair flowers and enjoy a Carmen Mirander moment….MY Favourite!!

Do you love to pimp your head scarfs? Share them on instagram ##pimpmyheadscarfspl and I will share them on fb and here! Get creative!



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