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Last week hubby and I had a week long jaunt around Melbourne in our first overseas trip together. Hubby is a well seasoned overseas traveler so I let him guide the way when it came to navigating around, though it became apparent that Melbourne is an easy city to explore. The trams are the best way to get around as they run on all the main roads and through the city centre. You just need a Mykie card ($6) and then need to top it up. You scan on and off and its free within the city centre. Mykie also gets you on the trains and buses but locals don’t recommend using the buses.




I wont lie shopping was on the top of the list so we made a list of places to go including Brunswick Street for fantastic vintage stores, independent designers and reproduction brands. We checked them all out, scoring some great bowling shirts for hubby and then I fell into Christines! For those of you who don’t know Christines is the Australian supplier of Vivian of Holloway and is the sisterly other-half/ co-founder to Vivian of Halloway! Christine is a doll to chat to and needless to say I made a few purchases.


Isle of Man Melbourne


Smith Street also held a slew of vintage treasures, including Smith Street Bazaar which is filled with amazing mid century furniture. My favourite spot was Vintage Garage! Vintage garage has an amazing selection of vintage from all eras, brightly arranged and well worth a few hours of exploring and trying on. I’m kicking myself for not going back and grabbing the 60s Shaheen she had on the rack.


After visiting Melbourne Zoo ( well worth the visit, I was thrilled they had hippos! ) we then jumped on the train to Sydney Street to visit Kitty Rose Couture. Kitty Rose Couture is the Australian supplier of Freddies of Pinewood and I was looking to replace my last pair for the upcoming winter and fell out with a few tops as well.

Melbourne ootd

We checked out the Flinders lane area and stumbled on more vintage stores! OTC has another store down there and you will find some hidden away upstairs if you go exploring through the beautiful arcades. Hubby was very happy to purchase a fedora from the City Hatters, he has been searching for one for a while to fit him and was thrilled with the selection.

Dressed for walking




When street art, visits to roof top bars and daily outfits collide
When street art, visits to roof top bars and daily outfits collide

Look out for part two of Melbourne – Things to do!





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