Argo Naturals Uniquely Organic Skincare Review

Argo natural beauty Review
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Now that Summer is well and truly here , the humidity is rising and the days are longer I have found the need to freshen up and keep moisturized during the day. The heat certainly dries you out and there is nothing worse than dry and itchy skin.

Argo Naturals Beauty Review

Argo Naturals very kindly sent me some of their Rose Water and Pure Kasuma Oil to try. The Rose Water is quiet a treat and fondly has me thinking of its popularity during the 1950’s in cosmetics and food. Used widely in Middle Eastern culture it has seen a rise in popularity over the past couple of years. Argo Naturals Rose Water is  is produced from genuine Alba rose oil through steam distillation and has a wide range of uses from facial toner to scent. I have been using over the past week as a facial mist before and after the gym and it now sits nestled in my handbag for a quick freshen up at work. The scent is  “rosy” though not overpowering and I have not observed any notable reaction on my sensitive skin. If anything my natural redness has settled a little.

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I have tried my fair share of body and facial oils so I was only too happy to try Pure Kasuma Oil as it is not an oil i have heard of in New Zealand. A quick visit to the Argo Naturals site and I discovered it is is extracted from a special genus of Safflower, is high in  Vitamins B1, B6, B9, unsaturated fatty acids and omegas. I used the oil on my face  nightly for 7 days and was impressed with how well it absorbed into the skin without leaving the thick coating of oil on the skin that Rosehip does on me. The following day my skin still soft, supple and smooth, foundation glided on nicely and it still felt moisturized in the midday heat. I even used it on Master Corvan for his favourite back massage!

You can purchase Argo Naturals Rose Water and Kasuma Oil via the Argo Naturals website and browse their other intriguing products. I know the Pearl Powder and Ayurveda Brightening Cream are on my next purchase list.

Thank you Argo Naturals


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