Happy New Year and Sponge Roller Set!

Happy New Year everyone! I enjoyed a much deserved break and am now back into the regular hum of the new year! Lots planned and new exciting projects coming to head this year and I cannot wait to share them with you.

This morning I shared a quick sponge roller set on instagram and I have included it here. My previous posts on sponge roller sets have been quiet popular so I thought it was time to one on longer hair.

Its relatively quick to do after you have set your hair. I set it yesterday and slept on my rollers last night. I set my hair with Lindy Charm Schools Setting lotion, this is available on Chrissys site here  or at 19Black in Hamilton , NZ.

Vintage Sponge Roller Set

  1. Set your hair in sponge rollers ( these are medium size ) in the direction you want your curls to go. Make sure your hair is dry before unrolling, you can speed up the process with a hood dryer.
  2. Unroll and release the curl, if its dry they should be nice and springy.
  3. Gently run your gingers through the curls to break them up, don’t be too vigorous or you may end up with a tonne of frizz especially if you have naturally curly hair.
  4. Brush a small section of hair, brushing it over your hand to mold the shape and tuck those ends under. A boar bristle brush is great for this – I put my one somewhere?? so used my teasing brush.
  5. One you have brushed all your hair you can see how it is going to sit for styling.
  6. No backcombing in this style as I wanted a nice, soft relaxed day look.
  7. Hold any desirable waves with a pincurl or duckbill clip while you finish off your hair.
  8. Tidy up any ends of unwanted frizz with a little pomade. I use hubbys Suavecito – I love the smell of it, must try the lady’s version!
  9. Spray into submission

Sponge roller set

Add a hair adornment. I’m currently rocking bangs at the moment but you can sweep those to the side if you don’t feel like having them.


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