Interview with Cherry Dollface

I’m fortunate to interview lots of lovely ladies for Glory Days magazine and in issue 9 I caught up with my longtime favourite pinup model Cherry Dollface! Cherry Dollface has just completed her Australasian tour and touched down in Hamilton , NZ to share her pinup hair and makeup tips via a workshop at The Jukebox Diner.

Sweet Painted Lady Cherry Dollface
Image by Vixen Pinup Photography

Describing herself as ‘some broad who loves helping women feel beautiful’, Californian born and based Pinup Cherry Dollface has risen to become an accomplished and well respected model in the industry. Cherry takes  a quick break off her recent tour of hair and makeup workshops to chat with Melanie Freeman about the pinup industry, body positivity and what keeps her grounded and inspired.

Down to earth and straight talking Cherry Dollface is a positive role model for the pinup and alternative modelling scene. Her career took off in 2005 when a photographer snapped her sitting in a car at Viva Las Vegas resulting in her first cover on Ol’ Skool Rodz. Since then the powerhouse pinup has featured in a slew of publications, is a spokesperson for Steady Clothing, runs a successful YouTube channel and business while touring the world sharing her pinup tips and inspiring women. She says being a modern day pinup comes with its challenges, particularly around social media responsibility. “A lot of the girls that follow ladies like me that are big on social networks tend to hang on to every little thing that we post. That means that if we come off as catty, mean, or negative young girls think that is cool and try to emulate it.” She does her best to stay “classy, kind and respectful” as the last thing Cherry wants to encourage is that it is ok to be a jerk to others.

With the increasing popularity and growth of the pinup scene it is only natural that there have been changes in the industry. “It is really cool that pinup has grown so much and has become accessible to the everyday gal— that is what I love about it!” But with this popularity has come occasional over saturation, with many girls entering the modelling scène hungry for success, and working for free. “Magazines used to pay decently and now you are lucky if you get credited. That is kind of the bummer of the boom, but you have to take the good with the bad.”

Sweet Painted Lady Cherry Dollface Interview
Image by Andy Hartmark

As a strong advocate for body positivity and embracing your inner beauty Cherry offers some advice to her followers wanting to build their confidence: “fake it until you make it! Girls ask me all of the time how I am so confident. And honestly a lot of it has come with age and life experience. I simply don’t have the time to stress about what ways I am not perfect or I don’t add up to someone else. I would rather spend my time laughing and enjoying myself. Of course I like to feel my best, but I don’t stress over the bad days.” She also thinks women need to stop comparing themselves to others. “We are all snowflakes— which means we are all different and unique. I urge girls to look in the mirror and tell themselves one thing that they love about themselves each day. It doesn’t have to be major. But baby steps help in the quest for good self-esteem. It is a tough road for a lot of girls!”

While keeping motivated and inspired in a busy career may be a challenge, Cherry mentions that it’s the kind words from her followers via comments, emails, various social media, or in person that keep her going. “I love hugging a girl that thinks I have inspired her in some way. Hearing that I have changed someone’s life— whether it is helping a girl with her body image or helping someone with a dying child— is the best and most moving feeling I could ever have.”

Cherry Dollface Interview
Shot by Travis Haight

So with all the hard work Cherry puts into her career and brand how does she keep a healthy balance between work and home? “It’s tough! I try my best to take time for me. Whether it is setting my phone down during dinner with my husband, or taking a weekend away with my girls. I show so much of my life in what I do— but I am so used to the camera now that it feels like a normal part of life” Cherry laughs. “But there are definitely still a lot of aspects of my life that are not on camera that I keep to myself so I feel more like a real human. But I love my followers and I love what I do. So it doesn’t feel so much like work!” Cherry’s husband Trevor can also be seen making regular appearances on her Youtube channel, the two unafraid to goof off in front of the camera.  What do they like to do when hanging out together? Cherry laughs “Relax! Quite literally, when we are both home from tour we spend a lot of time on the couch snuggling, catching up on shows, and eating sweets. We also like trips to Disneyland, walks around the neighborhood, eat at good restaurants, and go to shows. Neither one of us can stay still for very long!

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