Public Etiquette, Starring Richard Attenborough

I have a large collection of 1950’s/60’s magazines and movie books and one of my favorites is “Glamour , Film and Fashion ” offering insight to studio golden girls and guys.


Richard Attenborough discusses what he likes and dislikes when out with a lady and while some points can be taken with a grain of salt for the modern lady, some still do apply today!

Public Etiquette, Starring Richard Attenborough

I Dislike:

  • Girls who wear plunge necklines that plunge too far. Sweet Painted Lady thinks that plunging necklines can look quiet fetching in an appropriate situation, especially in a beautiful pant suit!
  • Girls who always keep you waiting around, and turn up half an hour late without an apology. In this day and age it only takes a minute to flick a courtesy text.
  • Actresses who wear stage makeup during the day. If the lady loves it, then why not!
  • Actresses who talk about John Mills and Sir Laurence Oliver as “Johnny” and “Larry” without knowing either. Also known as name dropping!
  • Girls who are uncharitable to their less-fortunates and slighting about more-fortunates. Treat everyone with kindness.
  • Actresses who shout greetings across a crowded restaurant, to create an impression that they are “in the know” with the people that manner.
  • And who allow one success to go to their heads. They should remember that one swallow does not make a Summer.
  • And who cannot stop talking about themselves.
  • And who believe in their own publicity.

It would seem Mr Attenborough prefers a modest “girl” who does not work in the film industry.

But I Do Like:

  • Girls who are always punctual. Ten to fifteen minutes is deemed fashionably late but no later without advising the host.
  • Girls who are always dressed neatly and always wear a fresh looking makeup.
  • Who are completely themselves at all times, even if it means appearing young and gauche in the company of sophisticates.
  • Actresses who do not allow success to harden their faces and their hearts.
  • And do not consider it necessary to be seen in night clubs and cocktail bars every night to “get on”. 
  • Who are considerate to beginners and generous to their contemporaries.
  • Who are charming to the failures as they are to the successes. Never a failure, always a lesson learnt.
  • And who recognize true humility as a sign of greatness, not weakness.

This was followed by a piece titled ” Don’t Date Actresses” with Rock Hudson. Mr Attenborough and Mr Hudson seem to have attested to that!

What do you think of  Mr Attenboroughs likes and dislikes? Do you have any to add?

Excerpt from Glamour Film Fashion & Beauty.


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