Beauty Review: Miami Shimmer Spray and Body Scrub

Miami Shimmer Spray

I was browsing Kmart on the weekend and a new little beauty range caught my eye! Priced at a very affordable $3 an item its the perfect throw in your overnight bag to head to the beach range. I’m a sucker for anything that smells like Summer so I choose the Coconut and Lime Shimmer Spray and the Coconut and Lime Body Scrub.

Miami Body Scrub – Coconut & Lime 

In-store I quickly referred to the ingredients list to checkout what the exfoliation ingredient was. It is listed as Walnut Shell Powder and had the go ahead. As a rule I don’t use any products that do not disclose the exfoliation grain is, in some cases it is a tiny plastic grain that builds up in our water ways and seafood….not nice!

The scrub comes in a 160 ml easy squeeze tube in a gel formulation with fine grains. The Coconut and Lime scent is mild and not overwhelming and the grains non scratchy, I’m unsure if it actually exfoliates but teamed with my trusty loofah it seems to do the trick. I have sensitive skin and have been using the scrub for a few days now without reaction which is great!

Miami Shimmer Spray – Coconut & Lime

Packaged in a 240 ml spray bottle it sprays in a light gel formulation depositing a fine silver and gold shimmer to the skin once rubbed in. The Coconut and Lime scent is much stronger than the scrub but pleasant. I used the spray prior to heading out for the night and the shimmer was subtle on my skin and didn’t leave me with the over glittered 90’s disco diva effect..Think 90’s school discos!

Overall a very pleasant little range, I imagine it is marketed towards the teen market but I can see it being my regular go to on sunny weekends or days I need a little tropical pick me up!


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