A Few Of My Favourite Things

We are on the home run to Spring here and you could say I’m a little excited! Warm days and blossoms everywhere do a considerable job of brightening my day. I also start planning and looking at what I need in my wardrobe and this Spring I’m attracted to cute tops,accessories and shoes! Here are some of my favourites on my wish list!

Favourite things July 19black Two Lippy Ladies Modcloth

The Crave Yard Swonderful

1.Bok Bok B’Gerk Flamingo Brooch 2. Classic Bonsai Kitten Pussy Bow top 3. Clever So Sweet 4. Swallow Scallop Top 5. Atomic Starburst  6.Balloons Pussy Bow Sweater

What are you favourite must haves for this Spring?


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