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One of the most asked questions I get asked when people purchase a setting kit from me is how do I pin curl and how do I use the clips? I thought I would share my routine with you!

Pin curls are dampened sections of hair wound into a circle and secured with a clip or pin. As my hair is getting longer I have found that pin curling is easier and quick to do on a quiet day at home, either air drying in the Summer or under the hood ( my preferred option )

How to Pincurl Sweet Painted Lady

I begin by washing my hair, and allowing it to air dry until damp to touch. If you pin curl when your hair is wet it will take a lot longer to dry. I apply a setting lotion or spray; my current favourite is Dancoly Angel Verbena Moisturize Setting Gel ( review here ) , it smells lovely and gives me soft glossy curls. I put a small amount in my palm, a little water and rub through my hair, combing it with a wide tooth comb to ease the tangles out.

Pin Curling Sweet Painted Lady

Next I take small sections, combing them and winding them into a  circle flat to my scalp, upright curls will give you volume. There is a variety of ways to do this: on longer hair I  wind it around two fingers and slide the hair off and pin ( it takes practice ). Chrissy from Lindy Charm School uses dolly pegs to wind the curl ( super easy! ) Rita Sue Boutique in Auckland also sells the popular pin curl winder in store.

How to pin curl Sweet Painted Lady

I wound all my front and side pin curls forwards (towards my face ) before securing them with a pin curl clip. If the hair feels grippy as you wind it, dampen your fingers and try again. I have bangs so I wind them from the tip, making sure the shorter parts are in the middle.

Drying Pincurls Sweet Painted Lady


Once you have wound them, air dry or pop under the dryer! I’m very luck to have my grandmothers original dryer, so I pop a do rag on to minimize the frizz and sit for an hour or so catching up on blogs/ emails etc.

Drying pin curls Sweet Painted Lady

To check that your pin curls are dry through, either touch them to feel or carefully unwind one to check ( you can give them a quick blast with the hair dryer of your pressed for time ). I give my curls a light spray with hair spray and let them cool down before unwinding them.

Pin curling how to Sweet Painted Lady

Time to take you clips out, start from the bottom curls to stop you getting tangled in the top curls. If you find you have used a little too much styling / setting spray don’t worry – run your fingers through the curls to break them up.

Pincurls Sweet Painted Lady


I want a soft day curl so I’m going to brush the curls holding it at the root and shaping the hair around my hand. If you have a big frizz! DON’T panic, DON’T run off and wash your hair, KEEP brushing until you see some wave and curls forming.

Brushing Pincurls

Once I can see where my curls are sitting I start to tidy them up with some pomade. I stole borrowed hubby’s Suavecito as I like the smell, use very little and start smoothing it through any frizzy ends. You can use your pin curl clips to hold any curls or waves into place whole you do your make up etc. I spray them and leave them until the last minute to remove them.

Taming Pincurls

Styling Pincurls

For a more sculptured look/ shoot you can amp this up by backcombing your roots and really sculpting your curls – For an example of a more sculpted look, check out my post here.

Style pin curls

Share your pincurl sets and styles on instagram and tag @sweetpainted_lady! I will share my favourites on my fb page.


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