In Our Neighbourhood : Duck Island Ice Cream

Its pouring down with rain and bitterly cold so what perfect weather for ice cream!  Normally I would turn it down as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but on hearing all the raving reviews about Hamilton’s new ice-cream parlor I couldn’t resist! The family decided to have a little date with friends Brigette and Belle so we could all catch up and sample the goods.

Duck Island Ice Cream

A certain little man was very excited about the prospect of Ice -cream, it was quiet busy and we had to wait about 15 mins for a table to become available.

Duck Island Icecream Hamilton

Duck Island Icecream Hamilton

Duck Island Ice Cream Hamilton

The shop is very well equipped for children, providing chairs and tables for them, toys to keep them entertained and some simple ice cream options.

Duck Island Ice Cream Hamilton

Duck Island Ice Cream Hamilton

Now the the important stuff! Ice Cream! All of Duck Islands ice cream is produced on site with beautiful ingredients. As a result its a little more expensive than a usual ice cream but completely worth it! The ice cream is smooth, lovely and the variety of amazing flavours is fantastic! I had the Salted Caramel and popcorn sundae and hubby had a peanut butter, choc ,cashew and black sesame seed sundae. Both were delicious with no overwhelming flavours.

20150718_154445Duck Island Ice Cream Hamilton

Really cant wait to have this again! I also tried the Bourbon and Brown Sugar flavour which was delicious!

20150718_155521What does great ice cream lead to afterwards?? Extreme dance party!

You can check out Duck Island on facebook and find them on the corner of Grey and Cook Street beside Steele Park in Hamilton.


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