Product Review: Big Sexy Hair “What a Tease, Backcomb in a Bottle”

“Backcombing” every pinup girls secret to pinup perfect hair,so when I saw that Sexy Hair had released “What a Tease, Backcomb in a Bottle” I jumped at the chance to try it!

what a tease Product review

Backcombing or teasing is the process of pushing the hair at the roots in a downwards motion with a teasing comb or rat tail comb, creating volume and lift in the hair. Perfect for creating an illusion of fuller, thicker hair or the perfect cushion base for vintage styling.

Big Sexy Hair’s instructions for use:

DO NOT SHAKE. Lift and spray What a Tease section by section into dry hair, focusing at the root. Lightly work throughout the rest of the hair. When product is dry separate hair into pieces for volume, hold and a teased look.

I chose to use “What a Tease” on some of my pinup’s for an upcoming calendar and on myself for  a night out. During shoot prep I sectioned the hair I wanted to add lift, spraying a small amount at the roots. It comes sprays with the consistency of a very thick hairspray so don’t spray it to close to the roots other wise it leaves the hair sticky. I found it gave a moderate lift on fine hair, perfect for soft volume. The spray does have a strong smell on initial spray, however it fades as it drys.

On my night out I wanted to create a great sculptured look so I used “What a Tease” at the roots teamed with back combing! This created MEGA volume which of course I love – The BIGGER the hair the better in my books. After smoothing the top layer I was thrilled with the results, even more so when after a very late night out it still held its style.

Sweet Painted Lady Pinup Hair

Waking in the morning I found my hair was quite stiff on brushing. I recommend giving  your hair a good wash afterwards with a clarifying shampoo to remove the product buildup.

I’m thrilled with this product! With a little experimentation you can create a variety of looks that hold well and don’t slide. It retails for $25 and you only need a little of the product for a long lasting lift.

If your in Hamilton ” What a Tease, Backcomb in a Bottle” is available for Salon 360, Silverdale.



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