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I’m back! I did something silly, let my heart over-ride my logic and ended up in hospital having emergency surgery on my right hand. I have an irrational fear of hospitals but the whole experience was mostly enjoyable; aside from surgery I meet some lovely women who were surprisingly upbeat considering some of their conditions.  I have an incredible group of friends who came and kept me company, my very supportive husband who helped prep me for surgery, visited and brought our son in for snuggles. My mum has been here to do up my pants, brush my hair and cut up my food -thanks mum!

It isn’t until you loose the use of something that you truly appreciate it more! Injuring my hand has meant I cannot work , cannot take clients, cook, pick up or cuddle my son, change his nappy and soo much more! The next four weeks will be a focus on strengthening my hand and fingers so that I may resume normality. I’m desperately missing working , small things like doing my hair and makeup and of course would love to pick up my son. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support, well wishes and your visits  xx Melanie.



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