My little obsession! Scarves

Sweet Pained Lady Addicted to scarves

I have a confession to make……. I’m addicted to scarves!! Delicious squares and rectangles of colour, patterns, texture and more. They really do appeal to me tactile addiction and I could spend hours in an op-shop digging through looking for the special one! The hand rolled and hand stitched silk piece of joy or a synthetic rayon dream perfect for adorning your hair, there is always a perfect scarf out there begging to be found.

To be honest I have always had an attraction to them, using them in a variety of different ways from tying them in my hair, wearing them as tops, belts, on handbags etc…the list goes on! They really are a great open ended accessory, just look at french women and easily they wear them

Sweet Painted Lady scarve love

Here are my top tips for shopping for vintage scarves:

  • Check out your local op-shops and have a good rummage in the scarves bins. I have found Oscar De La Renta and Chanel scarfs for as little at 50c!
  • Look for hand rolled and hand stitched edges, this is common in high end vintage silk scarves.
  • Check for dry rot, frayed edges and pulls. Dry rot is common in silk scarves.
  • I’m very visual and tactile- Enjoy looking for bright beautiful colours, unique prints and interesting textures!
  • Experiment with different shapes, squares are great for do rags, long scarves for intricate knots or to wear as a top, or delicate wisps to tie around your neck or handbag.

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