Beauty Review: Dancoly AngeVerbena Moisturize Setting Gel

This weeks review is on the Dancoly Angel Verbena Moisturize Setting Gel or as I call it Sunshine in a Bottle!

Dancoly Angel Verbena Moisturize Setting Gel

A special formulated gel with natural plant extracts, enriched with a moisturizing ingredient extracted from verbena, it can prevent dryness and split ends, protecting hair against heat damage. Containing elastic polymer to restyle your hair at any time just with water and will not cause any white residue leaving hair shining with natural gloss, and your hair gets a faint, lovely scent of lemon.

GMP & FDA certificated.

Organic natural ingredients.

Suitable for all hair types.

Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Laureth Sulfate.

Free from mineral oil, paraffinoil & vaseline.

Free from Propylene Glycol.

No animal testing.

I have been using this personally on my hair and on my clients prior to heat setting their hair. Its a rather sticky gel and can be used on wet or dry hair. For my clients I run a very minimal amount through each hair section before rolling. When the roller is removed it leaves a lovely soft curl without the crunch that some setting lotions bring.

I use it in my hair for a wet set, apply when my hair is damp ( almost dry ). Being a sticky gel it disperses easier with a little water.

Sponge roller set

Excuse the terrible picture quality – My curls at 8.30 am in the playground at work. I slept on sponge rollers and brushed them out on to work. Curls are soft and glossy with no crispy feel to them.

Sponge roller set

My hair at 8.00pm tonight before walking the dog. Curls have held really well throughout the day and not dropped . Tonight I will re-pin them into pin-curls and spritz with a little water.

Dancoly Angel Verbena Moisturize Setting Gel is my new favorite setting lotion delivering lovely soft, glossy curls that hold well through out the day.  I like the easy squeeze bottle for application into the hand though find the formula a little sticky ( add a little water). I find I have to give my hands a good wash after use. Dancoly Angel Verbena Moisturize Setting Gel is available in 400 mls ( Salon Size ) or 200mls and is an affordable $29- available at Shampoo and Things and Hairworks


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