How to cut your Bettie Bangs

How to cut Bettie Bangs! Its easier than you think!

You will need: Hair cutting scissors ( not paper scissors etc as you will end up with blunt ends and they may snag your hair)  Tail comb, Section Clips and some water spray.

Step One:  Section off your bangs from crown ( as deep as you want ) to temple, either in a ” V “or a “U”, mine natural ends up looking like a “U”. Pull that hair section forward and clip the rest out of the way.

Step Two: Comb and determine the length you want, I cut mine on my brows – remember when it comes to styling them they will sit a little shorter. Spritz with water , I used sea salt spray as it thickens up my fine hair as it drys.

Step Three: Cut your fringe straight initially to get the desired length, then return to the sides and cut them at a angle. I cut mine at a gentle angle, you can cut them as acute as you want just follow the curve around. Proceed to the other side, checking the overall symmetry as you go.

Step Four: Flat iron your bangs, gently curving your iron as you go straight to the ends. Repeat as necessary, comb through and and line your edges up with your comb. After doing this I always check for strays and trim them off.

Step Five: Style the rest of hair as normal and spray bangs with hairspray to set.

Step Six: Clean off all that hair your face and clean the hair out of the sink before your significant other/ parents gets home!

Sweet Painted Lady Bettie Bangs


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