The Bettie Bang Explained

Bettie Bang’s! The iconic bang of the Rockabilly culture!


Bettie Bangs ( also known as a fringe here NZ) were worn by Bettie Page after photographer Jerry Tibbs suggested she should cut bangs to soften her features ,resulting in her trademark look. I have worn Bettie Bangs on and off for years, they are perfect for balancing my face and covering my large forehead, in-fact my nan always tells me I look better with bangs and younger…thanks nan!

Image by Caleb lloyd
Image by Caleb lloyd

Bettie Bangs are also known U / V shape bangs are cut in a rounded shape to follow the curve of the face. Longer in the center and higher at the edges. The bangs are worn deeper than modern bangs, almost to the crown and sectioned to the temple- something many  hairdressers struggle with unless you specifically describe it and take a pic in. In my experience Bettie Bangs sit better when un-layered and cut in one length and may require a little training to sit correctly – Persist with styling it until it submits!

Bettie Rage my lovely model demonstrates her V section

Bettie Rage Bettie Bangs

To achieve the rounded look you can either use you flat iron/straightening iron and move it in a curved motion through out until your rounded edges line up. Alternatively you can use rollers or a curling iron, curl them in small sections, brush them out into one smooth bang and line up your edges with a tail comb.

Bettie Rage Bettie Bangs

The Bettie Bang has a lovely solid look to it and you can achieve this by apply a setting lotion or mousse prior to putting your curve in. To weatherproof them I spray them with a generous amount of hairspray.

Don’t want to commit to Bettie Bangs? Never fear clip on ones are here! You can find them online on Ebay and at some hair styling suppliers.

Stay tuned for a step by step on how to cut them yourself!

Thank you to the lovely Bettie Rage and her example of her bangs! Bettie Rage is New Zealand’s recent winner of Miss Pinup New Zealand 2015 held a few weekends ago at the Very Vintage Day Out! 


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