Interview with Ulrika of Freelancers Fashion

Stepping back to issue one of Glory Days Magazine and I had the pleasure of interviewing Ulrika of Freelancers Fashion! I have been a long time follower of Ulrika, following her journey through working at the wharves, performing burlesque and entering motherhood. Ulrika’s style is simple and striking (incorporating great tips for layering in Winter) , her home/s beautiful and I’m always drawn to the simple yet beautiful images of her home country Finland.

Ulrika Freelancers Fashion

How to do you keep the balance in your busy lifestyle from entertaining, being a mama and blogging?

I think (or well, know for sure…) I am one of those persons that just can’t take it easy and do one thing at a time. I have had busy schedules for years and years already. I actually thought it would calm down with the baby but it was full speed ahead a couple of months later then delivery already. Sometimes things tend to be super stressy but before one project is finished the next is starting already. I am also a graphic designer and do freelance commissions; so that’s one more thing added to the pot. And now we’re renovating our kitchen too. My husband is the same as I, one thousand things going on all the time. But I’ve noticed I am pretty good at doing nothing too when I am home in between rehearsals, jobs and shows. And I still consider the blog to be “free time” (e.g. what I do during the free time I have) even though it stresses me if I don’t have the time to post or prepare my posts. So far it is easy to take Dag ( my baby) with me during the day to the gym and to our burlesque studio, but I guess it will be harder as he gets a little older; getting more restless and running around and so. My husband or my parents stay with him when I have show’s or workshops so that works pretty well. But I still have time to snuggle and play silly small games with Dag too. There is always something to do, but I take days off every now and then.It’s those do-nothing days in between are what keeps the wheels going


What eras inspire your personal approach to style?

I’ve noticed all bloggers and ladies in to vintage always tend so say the 1920-1960’s, but I guess it’s pretty much the case for me too. I like certain styles and elements from those eras, and the seventies too. Generally speaking. I like to play with vibes and details from some eras but I think my style has developed to a rather timeless one. The past years my favourite has been the late fifties and early sixties which also shoes quite much.


What has been your all-time favourite vintage purchase?

I wear my clothes and accessories rather periodically, very much for a while and then some pieces might be forgotten for a long time in between. So it’s hard to name anything in particular. If I have to say something it would be my leather jacket, which I got over ten years ago from a thrift store. I haven’t worn it for a year now as it need mending. I even made a picture/post about it a long time ago 🙂


Where do you like to shop?

Mostly online, both when it comes to new items and vintage. Tops and striped shirts, underwear and such I mostly get for high street stores, and shoes. The best shoes I’ve got are often the ones I just bumped in on at random. But otherwise I am rather bad at shopping “live”, especially when it comes to vintage; I have a problem choosing if there is too much ahead of me at once. So I often end up not buying anything at fairs or flea markets, or forcing myself to get at least something not the regret it later. But it does happen that I afterwards regret not picking some certain item up. When I’m online it’s no problem, I find it rather hard to restrain myself. Among many, I like Trashy Diva, Mod Cloth and Love Miss Daisy Vintage.


All images belong to Ulrika.


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