A guide to growing out short hair!


Since my early teens I have always rocked a variation of a pixie cut and now it seems every two years I tend to chop it all off and start again, generally due to my hair being over processed from coloring and needing a fresh start. So its far to say that I understand the process/ frustration of growing out your hair! I have put together a handy guide to survive growing out your hair!

Sweet Painted Lady Growing out short hair

Regular Trims are a must!

It may seem like your not making any progress but it keeps those ends from looking frizzy and stops that duck tail ( cough Mullet ) forming in the back! You can keep interest to your hair by experimenting with bangs ( fringes ), styles etc.

Experiment with colour!

While you hair is short and mostly virgin ( un-dyed ) hair you can experiment with all those lovely colours you have admired! AND on shorter hair its easier to maintain.

Adorn your hair!

Experiment with curls, spiking it, slicking it, put glitter in it! As it hits that in-between stage between short and not enough for a bob I up the anti on wearing do rags, hair flowers, cute clips.


I don’t know about you but when my hair is super short I find myself rocking stronger eye-make up and looking after my brows more – after all they are now more prominent.

Treat it!

Nourish and treat your hair with regular at home treatments, hair oils and nice new shampoo! Treat yourself to a delicious scalp massage and treatment in salon…these always help me unwind!


I know short hair hits a certain point where your gagging to grab the scissors and chop it off! But resist the urge, back away from the mirror and remind yourself of the desired length and style your aiming for! Trust me I have spent three years getting to that point, chopping it off and then regretting it!

 What tips do you have for growing out your hair?


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