So your an over-thinker? Seven tips to ease your mind.

So you think your an over-thinker? Your brain runs a million miles hours at night over-analyzing situations and events that have since past? You are sensitive to other peoples interactions and responses?  You over-think decisions to the point that you cannot make a decision?


My new years post resonated with some of you and I received a few lovely messages from fellow over thinkers seeking some techniques to keep their minds at ease. I’m a recovering over- thinker and in 2014 I decided enough was enough and I implemented some new techniques to ease the un-necessary stress. Speaking with others I have come to realize that most over-thinkers are loving individuals who place a lot of value on their relationships and are also active relaxers…fiddling away at one think or another.

I often find that my over-thinking kicks into overdrive when I’m feeling low, I’m tired or run down and have a touch of depression. Anxiety also runs hand in hand with this and I begin to worry about situations that have not happened or about to happen so now I remind myself to do the following:

  • Live in the now! What you did 10 years ago does not affect what you are doing today /now! People are not talking about me and I cannot control what others think of me! The more you focus on the now and the exciting what next, the more attention and love you focus on yourself.
  • Direct your attention else where! Feel it creeping in? Then go for a walk, put on some music you in enjoy, do some housework or get creative.
  • Keep yourself busy, create yourself small projects to keep you focused on positive experiences.
  • Cannot sleep? Try guided mediation: there are lots of free podcasts on itunes and spotify. Write down how you are feeling or read a great book.
  • Police your negative self talk, If I begin thinking something negative about myself I correct it and thinking of two things I love about myself or that day.
  • When you are feeling anxious, annoyed or not in control about it try not to over talk about it! Otherwise it will recirculate in your mind and grow into something more than it needs to be.
  • Get physical and go outside and enjoy what  our beautiful world has on offer!  This distracts your mind, you breath more, feel energized and may find  new hobbies or skills  or make new friends!

I hope these tips help, they have certainly helped me! I would love to hear what you do to keep your mind at ease!

Image source from KiwiTACHAN


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