Whats in my medicine cabinet?

I love seeing what other people have in their medicine cabinets especially when they have a product that I haven’t seen before and also because I love home interiors so enjoy seeing people put their homes together. We have a mid-century home which means tiny pokey bathroom and a small cabinet and mirror!

Sweet Painted Lady Vanity 1

Until we replace the bathroom I have given it  a coat of paint, switched out the handle and lined the inside. Now onto what is in my medicine cabinet?

Sweet Painted Lady Vanity

 Top shelf : Witch Hazel for those days I need some toner, Queenie Mays Cold Cream : perfect for those days I need something a little stronger to remove my make up and it leaves my skin super moisturized.  Nail Polish Remover, Peppermint foot balm ( Yum) Sudocream – for the little man and also good on any  super dry patches on your face .

Middle Shelf: This is hubby’s domain so there is an assortment of products Nivea aftershave, some CK and his Sauvecito Grooming spray and pomade – I like to use it from time to time and it smells great!

Bottom shelf: These are my Daily Essentials!  Dita Von Teese Moisturiser : For nights out, Dancoly Argan Oil : I use it after each wash to keep my hair in great condition. Chanel N5 Eu Premiere : This is my everyday scent. Antipodes Juliet Gel Cleanser and Hosanna Skin Plumping Serum : I use these religiously everyday ( see their reviews here and here ).Tweezers for those stray hairs. Natio Ageless Eye cream: This is lovely and light , perfect on my sneaky fine lines! Nuetrogena spf 60 daily sunscreen: I also use this religiously and have recently moved to the spf 60 now I’m in the playground at work and the summer tan has snuck up on me. Angel En Provence Body Maker Spray ( see review here ) This works as a Sea Salt spray and gives me extra body for my fine hair.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my medicine cabinet! What is in yours?



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