Another chapter closed and new one opened!

2014  what a year! This year has been a roller-coaster of emotions and challenges which has put me in good stead for 2015.

Dan from Devel Clothing Men and Women shared her reflection this week and I loved her format – She would love to hear your reflections too, so if you decided to use this format flick her the link in her comments .

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This year I Learnt

  • 2014 was a year of focusing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, focusing on being more assertive about what I wanted, voicing my opinion ( previously I bottled it up ) and chasing my goals.
  • Living in the now and not focusing on past events and wasting energy on moments that have already passed. I’m an over-thinker so it has been quiet a challenge to refocus my energy but i have been less stressed and more focused for it.
  • Focusing on my health; with surgery being a success I now focus on maintaining  a healthier body, cutting down on sugar intake and being mindful about what we are buying and eating.


This year I Loved

  • Streamlining my personal interests to refocus my energy on our family and my business. As a family we love New Zealand so we have been taking an interest in what there is on offer – I refer to it as being a tourist in your own country!
  • Strengthening new friendships and working with like minded individuals – the creativity is starting to flow again and I’m enjoying rediscovering myself!



Learning to Leave

  • Some chapters have opened and some have sadly closed but learning that’s ok! Its part of the journey and I am grateful for the experiences that I had over that time.
  • Stream lining our home, learning to leave the clutter behind, its not the material items that determine who we are. So we have been more mindful about what is coming into our home.


Take with me

  • I take with me a new found confidence and knowing that when I put myself out there that good things come in return – I remind myself now that if someone does say no then its ok because you didn’t have it in the first place.
  • Have an open mind , you never know what opportunity’s may arise.
  • Beautiful memory’s from this year with my two fellas in my life, more adventures planned for 2015!


Finished painting our house! ( woohoo long time coming ) Launched The Sweet Painted Lady as a .com, focused and learnt more blogging skills, the lovely Charlotte Cake created The Sweet Painted Lady Cake , I was lucky to be featured and my work published in  various publications this year, meeting lots of lovely and beautiful people while working ( I love my Job!) My rekindled love for teaching again! Our little boy turns two soon! Soo many milestones this year!

I wish you all a vibrant and sparkly 2015! Create monthly goals, chases your dreams, face some challenges, be authentic and be the best you you can be xx


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