Easy Sponge Roller Set and Hair Up for Short Hair

As my hair gets longer and heads towards mid-length my favourite go to vintage style is a soft set and I achieve that with my sponge rollers. Vintage and Pinup hair is easily achieved when your hair is curled,from there you can then start placing, rolling and pinning your hair into place.

10899112_606537816118106_1341962934_nThis set was a wet set  as I washed my hair, I then used L’Oreals Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender in equal portions as a setting lotion, massaging it through my hair and then combing it through to distribute evenly. I love how this product smells and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on my hands or sheen on my hair.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Hair setting

As I have a fringe ( Bangs for those of you in America ) I sectioned that off and rolled the rollers forward. When sectioning each piece for your roller ( I use my fingers ) make them no wider or thicker than your roller. Depending on your climate I also make my sections finer in depth for quicker drying.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Set

Then set your little helpers hair if required! Selfies in this house require tongue out action to maximise effect.

Sponge roller set

You can set your hair in a variety of patterns for different effects and you will find a variety of vintage setting patterns online, my favourite resource is Glamour Daze or Lisa Freemont. For this set my bangs and hair line around the face are rolled forward, the remaining is rolled down following the line of my head. ( Very basic quick set )  When your hair is dry, unroll and gently brush with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Sweet Painted Lady Sponge Roller Set

I then take a little of hubbys Suavecito pomade and rub a little in my hair to ease back in frizz, though I found with the L’Oreals Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender results where nice and soft with minimal frizz. This is the time you start placing or styling your hair – due to my hair length when its down and set its a bit too cutsey 1940’s school girl for this mid 30 something so I like to pop it up with hair slides. This works well with short hair as it gives the illusion of longer hair, the set gives it more volume and hold. I back comb all my roots, smooth the top and begin placing rolls etc. This time I put a roll on top, a large kiss curl on the side and styled my bangs into place

Sweet Painted lady hair up

. Finish your hair with a hair accessory such as a do rag, hair flowers, bows or cute clips. If you find the tips of your curls are a little frizzy add some pomade to your finger tips and smooth them. You can also smooth your rolls and bangs by spraying a little hair spray on your brush and smoothing the surface of your hair.


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