Girls about town – Humidity proof hair!

This week my roster and Amy of Chica Chica Boom Chic aligned so we did our hair , frocked up and hit the shops for a girls day out! We have both been complaining that the humidity was dragging us  ( and our hair ) down so we made some extra effort to sparkle and enjoy ourselves!

Sweet Painted Lady hair 2 Day  Curling wand

Despite the humidity Amy managed to get her hair glossy and extra curly with the H2D Curling Wand,  deciding to mix it up with the large barrel connection ( one of five to choose from ) to achieve lovely big curls that she then brushed out into Veronica Lake style waves – Va Voom!

Sweet Painted lady Hair 2 Day pormo

I decided to use the tapered wand connection as my hair is still at the shorter stage so it helps me to achieve add volume and thickness. I love that it only takes 5-10 seconds to curl on the barrel ( no clip here )  so its great for quickly getting ready and achieves long lasting glossy results!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic

Starting off with a much needed coffee and a light lunch before hitting some of our favourite thrift stores in Hamilton!

Sweet Painted Lady

Some light 2015 blog planning as well!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic 1

Hitting some of our favorite spots for vinty shopping!

Sweet Painted Lady Lame dress

Fabulous 60’s lame frock, perfect to go with my mini beehive achieved with my added curls in the morning……..yes I did buy it!!

Sweet Painted Lady Chica Chica Boom Chic big bag

A girls bag can never be too big can it? I’m impressed with how well Amy’s hair style had held, this in the 2pm high humidity

Sweet Painted Lady Remains to be Scene

My favourite go to store for amazing fashion, home-wares and deco! Hair down and making the most of my lovely waves

Chica Chica Boom Chic Daily Outfit

Christmas is in full swing in the local Westfield so we decided to make use of Santa’s amazing grotto set up ( and air conditioning ) and grab a few outfit pics! Amy’s hair withstood the faux snow sprinkling down on us!

sweet painted lady daily outfit

We had such a great day out with lots of lovely compliments ( helps a girl sparkle! ) After 6 hours our hair was still looking as fresh as it did in the morning thanks to the H2D curling wand and its long lasting results! I have replaced my current kit wand and rollers in favour of the 5 wands and the variety of effects they create!


This post was made possible with the help of Professional Hair Brands and H2D NZ


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