21st Century Glove Etiquette

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I have decided to bring across a few popular posts I wrote a few years ago on my former blog, one of the most popular was the series on glove etiquette and care.

There’s something understated if not elegant about wrist gloves, they give a little something extra and unexpected to an outfit.
I love to wear my turquoise gloves with by black coat on cold days or my beaded black pair on evenings out.
They seem so unappreciated now by modern society, which I suppose is a bonus if your a vintage appreciator, as we can pick them for a small price.

Sweet Painted Lady  Vintage Model Glove, vintage gloves

Don’t eat, drink or smoke with gloves on.
Don’t play cards with gloves on
Don’t apply makeup with gloves on. – I’m guilty of applying my lippy on
Don’t wear jewelry over gloves, with the exception of bracelets.
Don’t make a habit of carrying your gloves—they should be considered an integral part of your outfit.

Don’t wear short gloves to a very gala ball, court presentation or “White Tie” affair at parliamentary event or in honor of a celebrity.

Sweet Painted Lady Vintage Model

Do wear gloves when you go shopping, visiting, driving; and for outdoor festivities such as garden parties and receptions.

Do wear gloves as a mark of respect in a place of worship.

Do wear gloves for formal indoor occasions: receptions, balls, and on arrival at a luncheon or dinner party.

Do keep gloves on in a receiving line.

Do keep gloves on at a cocktail party until the drinks and hors d’oeurves are passed. Then turn gloves back at the wrist or remove one glove.

Do remove gloves entirely at the dining table.

Do remove gloves after your arrival at an informal party or luncheon, leaving them with your coat

Sweet Painted Lady Vintage Model

I enjoy the process of cleaning my gloves, I tend to do it at the end of the season unless a pair has become grubby on an outing. Follow the below steps to get the best out of your gloves.

Care of Gloves

  1. Luke warm water with mild soap flakes or wool wash —swish gloves back and forth and rub fingertips gently.
  2. Put gloves on hands and rinse in clean lukewarm water. Squeeze excess moisture away; some soap will remain on purpose as a softening agent.
  3. Remove gloves and blow into each finger, restoring it to approximate shape. Now place gloves flat on a towel away from heater or dry in the shade, shaping them as you would shape a hand-washed sweater.
  4. When gloves are almost dry, work them—smoothing them on carefully—restoring them to their original shape.

Thank you to: Gasper Gloves

Images captured by the lovely Kate of Ryans Daughter Photography


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