Product Review: Dancoly Angel En Provence Review Part Two

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Welcome to part two of the Dancoly Angel En Provence Review, this one primarily focus’s on the skincare side of the range and their Body Maker Spray. If you are interested in the Hair Care review you can pop over to it here “Dancoly Angel En Provence Review Part One” Thank you to Professional Hair Brands for providing these beautiful products

Dancoly is devoted to the corporate and social conservation and sustainability of out planet. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that supports a sustainable future so future generations can enjoy a clean green planet

The cosmetics have been developed by Frenchman Gilles le Bret who formulated products with botanic extract and oil resulting in products that contain

  • No Parabens
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Laureth Sulfate ( I have a mild allergy to foaming agents)
  • No Mineral Oil or Parafen Oil
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Animal Testing
  • Organic Natural Ingredients

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review

 Helichrysum Revitalising Bath Creme – Soap free formula containing Helicrysum. This extract is a antioxidant that relaxes and softens the skin with whitening property’s.

I love the formulation of the bath creme as it is non drying the scent is lovely and subtle ( I have put aside my regular Lush products for this )  ,  again it comes in a recyclable and easy to use 800ml bottle. I like that it is a no soap formula as everyone in our household has sensitive skin so I have been using it on our 2 year old at bathtime.

The statement that it had whitening property’s intrigued me so I dug a little deeper and explored the benefits of Helichrysum. Helichrysum is a Eurpoean herb with antiallergenic, emollient, cell-regenerating skin soothing propertys my understanding is that it balances the skin, aids in healing and the whitening effect is a evening out of skin-tone – so suitable for all skin-tones.

You can read more on the benefits here and here.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review body lotion

 Sakura Energetic Body Lotion

Lovely and light to use and does not leave a greasy residue, perfect for use after the Bath Creme.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review body builder

 Lavender Body Maker Spray – Full product Description here

I have naturally fine hair and have to work at maintaining body, I used the spray as directed and it left me with lovely natural looking volume and shine. Also great for use before back combing while vintage styling.

Sweet Painted Lady Dancoly Angel Two review

 Shea Butter Hand Cream “is a specially exquisite and popular hand cream, that contains 20% Shea Butter Oil, honey and sweet almond extract with alluring fragrance of jasmine and orange flower essence.”

I LOVE this hand cream! As you can see in the image I have been using it non stop, Extreamly hydrating , leaves my hands feeling silky and smelling lovely. Hasn’t left my handbag since it arrived!

After the first Review post I had several enquirys regarding where you can purchase the Dancoly Angel 2 Range? I have  attached a  full list of Hamilton suppliers below.

NV Hairdressing 194 Victoria Street

Team 7  9 Thackeray Street

Designer Hair Care, Hamilton  Dress Smart The Base

Urben Hairdressing  Dinsdale Shopping Centre

Shampoo N Things Chartwell

Shampoo Shop in Te Awa at the Base

Rodney Wayne Shampoo N Things – Nationwide



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