Foam Roller Set on Short Hair

I’m often asked if you can set your hair when it is short and my reply is of course you can! If you look at vintage beauty ads of the 50’s you will often see shorter hair styles neatly styled.


As my hair is a very short bob I use small – medium rollers to achieve a tighter curl. Today I decided to grab my trusty foam rollers and giving them a whirl again, setting them on dry hair with setting spray to dampen.

When I set my hair I like to use a setting pattern to help maintain my hair style , today I decided mix it up, sectioning the front and rolling forward to work with my shorter bangs.

directional setting

Wait for your hair to dry – You can assist this with a hood dryer, hair dryer or good old fashion sunlight – Today is stormy so my dryer it is!


Brush, brush, brush! Style and finish with product

With shorter hair we may not be able to do the long glossy curls and waves but we can do cheek pincurls, bangs and lovely soft looks. Give them the added vintage touch with scarves, clips and flowers.

short hair styling

foam sets


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