Wet Set and Curls

When last down home I was gifted with my nana’s rollers and portable hair dryer. My nana is still rocking it at 96 and has only recently moved into a retirement home after earning what I feel is a well deserved rest. Nana is a huge source of wonderful stories and doesn’t hesitate to share them with you, she has kept all of granddads love letters from the war and I have her beautiful beaded cardigans that he brought home for her.

2014-11-05 13.36.30

I felt an overwhelming wave of nostalgia as I rolled my set knowing that for many years my nana performed the same ritual every week with the same rollers.


Her beautiful Ralta hair dryer! The cap goes over your head and you select the drying temperature you want. It poofs up like a tent but is quiet relaxing so I dried my hair while having a coffee and catching up on Boardwalk Empire.


Removed the rollers and ran my fingers through! Didnt come out as tight as I thought they would instead lovely soft and glossy, I didn’t use as much setting lotion as I usually would so that may of attributed to the result.



Styled and then set with a finishing spray


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