Interview with Marianne of Esme and the laneway

I’m a frequent contributing writer for a variety of publications and one of my favorites is New Zealand’s Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Glory Days. Each issue I interview well known vintage bloggers, models ,stylists etc for the Networth feature and in issue two I got to chat with the lovely Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.

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This English Rose originally hails from London but now calls Melbourne home with her Husband and babycat. Renown for her vintage style and enviable dress collection Marianne documents her Melbourne life via beautifully shot images, outfit posts and daily events.

Marianne you have an amazing wardrobe of dresses, how many do you own and if you could choose your top two which pieces would they be?

Thank you! Hmmm, I’ll make a guess at 30 that are/will be in high rotation at the moment. For a while now I’ve said that my red and pink 1950s party dress – chopped and de-bowed before I got it – was a favourite, and it still is in my top 5, but I think it is time to shine the light on some new ones. I love my coral, white and olive striped and floral sundress, and the powder blue colour of my fitted wool dress that I’m yet to wear. It’s SO hard to choose, though! I like to be strict with what I buy, and, even with their faults and flaws, only pick dresses that I really love. I also have a 1940’s blouse that I love but didn’t wear enough of when I got it last winter, as I didn’t know what to wear it with, but I’ve found a lot of things that will be perfect for it. I just need to imagine it actually being cold enough to wear wool now!

Are there any particular era’s that inspire you and how do you incorporate these into your day to day style?

My favourite eras are the 1930s to the first half of the 1960s, and I find something from each era within that time. 1930’s dresses with their puffed sleeves, swishing about my ankles and cut on the bias are so romantic; I just love the bold colour combinations and strong look of the 1940s, and the 1950s and early 1960s sundresses are beautiful and incredibly practical for living in a hot climate. I have been growing my collection of these sundresses because they are perfect for the long hot summer here in Melbourne, and easy to care for – I just put them in the washing machine with everything else. I cannot wait for winter though, as colder weather is my favourite. I have some early 1960s fitted wool dresses that I can’t wait to wear! I also want to wear a lot more hats this winter, especially 1930s and 1940s tilt ones – and 1950’s ones too, actually!

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You have been a successful blogger for over 4 ½ years what advice can you give to aspiring bloggers

Ha ha well I don’t know how successful I would say I am! I think there is definitely a way to be successful in a business sense, but to be honest I prefer to blog about what I love and find interesting and I am chuffed and feel lucky that my readers like that too. I would advise new bloggers to simply write about what they love. Taking good, clear photos is not easy but will always help, but you don’t need a fancy camera to do this to begin with, just experiment with whatever you have and then you can upgrade when you need to in the future. I always want to improve and share more, and make you feel as though you were there with me for something. Always stick to what you love though – it shouldn’t be a chore but something to look forward to! And find what works for you; I find that posting often helps me as if I leave it too long I get a kind of stage fright. I also find it more enjoyable to do smaller posts more often, but this is something I am always working on and finding out what feels best, and it changes all the time too.

Where do you like to source items for your wardrobe and can you recommend any great vintage shopping places in Melbourne?

A lot of my vintage has come from online – Etsy in particular – and I were lucky enough to find some vintage in Melbourne’s op shops and garage sales. This has been very rare though! Retail has changed a lot here recently and it’s hard to keep up with all the vintage shops. There are several in the city and you just have to go often, and be lucky! I do love Clara Fox in North Fitzroy, a small and perfectly stuffed vintage shop on St Georges Rd.

Thanks so much Marianne for Chatting with me for Glory Days Magazine and to Glory Days for allowing me to share this interview with you all. If you are interested in subscribing to Glory Days Magazine you can visit here.



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