10 Beauty Tips

I’ve been missing my regular posting while working so I thought I would share a recent column  I wrote for Nexus Magazine on quick and easy beauty hacks!  You can read Issue 21 here.

Sweet Painted Lady Beauty Hacks


Who doesn’t like a short cut to getting something done especially when if gives you few extra minutes in the morning to grab a quick coffee.This week’s Sweet Tips are full of handy beauty hacks that will help speed up your beauty routine and get the most out of your products.

  1. Frustrated at keeping your cat eye liner even, use sellotape to follow the natural line of your lower lash line and follow it up past your outer corner to create your template for a cat eye. Make sure you ease the tapes stickiness by sticking it to your hand a few times before popping it on your face
  2. Business cards are perfect for helping with a cat eye and for stopping mascara fall out on your cheeks. Blink down on to the edge of the card and brush the mascara on. Ta da! Well coated lashes from root to tip.
  3. Mascara drying up? Boil the jug, pop some water in a mug and let your mascara sit for a few minutes to melt the formula again.
  4. Create long lashes by adding one layer of mascara followed by a dusting of loose powder and then a final coat of mascara again.
  5. Store your gel liners upside down to stop the air drying out the top layer of it. Dried out? Pop in the microwave for 20 seconds.
  6. Warm your metal eyelash curlers under the hairdryer for a few minutes to accelerate your lash curl.
  7. Make your bold eye shadows pop by adding a layer of white eye pencil or shadow underneath – give it a soft blend before adding the eye shadow.
  8. Add your eye lash glue to the back of your hand and run the line of your false lashes before applying.
  9. Forgot your eyeliner? Use you mascara with a eyeliner brush run along the mascara spoolie to transfer the product.
  10. Smashed your pressed powder? Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to it, press and let it dry.

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