Beauty Review ” Cel Derma T-Laser HydroGel Mask

I was recently given some Cel Derma T-Laser Hydrogel Masks to try , so last night I gave one a whirl. As all the instructions are in Korean I jumped on the all wise and wonderful Dr Google land a found a handful of you tube reviews and some sites stating that it is Korea’s number one selling face mask….intriguing!

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

The packaging is attractive and you receive four masks in a box. each mask is in a easy tear foil packet, unfortunately as there are no English instructions on the packaging so I had no idea what to do. You tube provided the necessary information so leave it on for 20-40 mins.

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

After opening the foil package I pulled out the mask, I was a little confused as it comes in two parts, there is a lot of plastic and they are folded in one another so try have a clean surface or towel out to lay them on. I also noticed there is still alot of gel left in the packet that could be used later.

I took the first white plastic covering off and placed it on the face aligning the eyes up etc then the lower face part, then realizing there was a clear plastic shield that needed to come off too ( Lots of plastic ). Once these are taken off you are left with a gel like formula on your face that doesn’t slide so you can walk around and do other things while you wait.

Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

The mask feels amazing on! Cooling and refreshing and has only a slight fresh scent to it. I left it on for the 40 mins to maximize the results! Hubby did find the overall look amusing comparing me to the Phantom of the Opera! Thanks babe!

After 40 mins I peeled the mask off and my skin felt amazing!! I rubbed in the residue gel and left it for the night. I also took the extra gel from in the packet and slathered that all over my neck and hands.

15 hours later my skin still feels amazing , smooth and hydrated! ( No morning moisturizer today)  I have really dry and sensitive skin and this has settled all of that with no dry patches to be seen. I would properly only use the mask once a week prior to bed, maybe twice during the heat of Summer as that is all my skin seems to need.

I have been unable to find a stockist here in NZ but have found plenty online via Ebay etc so its worth investigating.


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