Daily Outfit : Working Style

Sweet Painted Lady Daily Outfit

I had a busy weekend of clients with my first bridal consultation of the season followed by two burly divas who were hitting the stage Saturday night at Crazy Diamond Burlesque. The day required dressing for comfort so I wore by Bettie Page clothing dress which I purchased from Rita Sue Boutique many moons ago! ┬áThe Cardi is from SpicySugar – I love all the details on it and ballet flats for comfort in the salon.

I also wore my bangs down and received a lot of compliments which was a nice boost! I know I should wear them as I have a large forehead and the balance my face. Ont he topic of hair I am very excited that it is finally long enough to set all over so expect more styling posts in the future.


A bevy of beauty’s enjoying their cocktails at Wonder Horse after the show! Thanks to Simone for taking the pic!

AND….Sweet Painted Lady Cel Derma beauty review

a cameo appearance from the little lad….he seems to have a wonderful knack of knowing when the camera is out!………..I have no idea who he gets that from?? ha ha


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