21 tips to help make bed-rest bearable

I recently underwent some surgery on my heart ( Great success! ) and had been confined to bed-rest. Anyone who has been confined to bed-rest knows that unless you are prepared you end up as a rather bored bunny itching to ignore doctors orders and get out of bed ( maybe once or twice ). I put together a list of things to do in bed or have around your bed to make the time more tolerable.


Lie back, relax….

– Catch up on all your favorite shows via TV on demand, DVD or on your laptop.- Indulge in stacks of magazines, grab some post it notes and tag your favorite decor, craft and fashion pages – Bloggers rejoice : write posts, schedule posts , tidy and redecorate your site – Catch up on your favorite blogs – Clean up your favorite bookmarks – Get lost in a good novel – Catch up on unfinished crafts – Learn a new craft, utilize the many great online tutorials –  Give yourself a manicure – Plan your next holiday – Design your dream home, garden or store – Snuggle with your loved one/s – Create a piece of art, decoupage, stitch, draw , paint …loose yourself in creating – Map out your personal goals – Start a creative diary – Get pinning on pinterest – Drink many cups of tea/ coffee – Enjoy your favorite treats – Enjoy some online shopping – Plan your next holiday celebration, Christmas, Easter – Read story’s with your little one/s .


2 thoughts on “21 tips to help make bed-rest bearable

  1. Hello – wow I hope you are recovering well. Good on you for finding ways to recover in style.
    I also had some surgery recently. Its quite nice taking it easy, and being allowed to do so!

  2. Thank you, I hope your recovering well – yes I enjoyed being able to recover and relax but felt sorry for hubby who had to wrangle our toddler lol

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