How to Fill in your Brows


Lift your Brow Game Part Two

Last week we tamed your brows into submission, this week we define them by filling them in to enhance your lovely eyes

You can fill your brows in with either a brow pencil, wax or using a powder that best matches your hair colour. Powders are also a great alternative for those lovely’s who like to wear boldly coloured locks as there is always a colour to match.

Brush your brows up with a brow brush to see your brow shape, any long hair can be trimmed, if you’re not keen on doing this you can ask your brow technician to do it for you during a shape.

Grab yourself a short angled make up brush, pick your powder/wax and remembering the first line lightly draw a line up to the under edge of  your arch then follow on to the outer edge of your brow.

Repeat on the upper edge of your brow until it meets the outside edge (Brush brow hairs into place)

Fill in the brows with short strokes until you get your desired look,

Apply brow wax or clear mascara to set.

Sweet Tips:

If you like bold brows start with less powder/ pencil and build it up to the darkness you want.

Make your under edge of your arch a little darker to define it, highlighter on your brow bone will also help define them  Soften the corners or brow with a q-tip.

Reproduced with permission of Nexus Magazine


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